Keaholoa STEM Program
Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Education
Mauna Kea



Faculty Development

Faculty Development aims to expose all UHH Faculty, who typically are not Hawaiian, to Hawaiian national culture so that faculty may appreciate the ways in which the indigenous culture influences the aspects of reality to which Hawaiians assign importance (cf Hofstede, 1992). We refer to the pilot group of faculty directly involved in the proposal as faculty-learners.

Activities for Academic Year 2005-06:
  • On-Course Faculty Development Workshop - May 24-26, 2006
      Activities for Academic Year 2004-05:
  • Derrick Hindery & Kealoha Kinney: Viewpoints on Sustainability: from ahupua`a to political ecology - Apr 2005 (pdf)
  • On Hilo Bay: a holistic perspective - Mar 2005 excursion (pdf)
  • Renee Louis: 'An Indigenous Hawaiian Cartographer - in search of common ground' on - Oct 2004 (pdf)
  • Faculty Appreciation Picnic at Keaukaha - Oct 2004 (pdf)

  • What Faculty Say About Their Faculty Development Experiences :
    • Coming Soon