Updated: 4 January 2023

Kathy L Cooksey

(she/her/hers—what's this?; contact info in CV)

Special Message:
I support Kris Roney, our Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Current Position:
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy,
College of Natural & Health Sciences, University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Research Interests:
I research the large-scale gaseous structure in the universe to understand how various elements cycle in and out of galaxies, over cosmic time. As light from bright, distant objects traverse the universe, intervening gas clouds—between, around, and in galaxies—absorb the light at wavelengths characteristic, albeit redshifted, of the chemical elements in the clouds. By identifying and modeling the elements associated with absorption-line systems, we learn about how gas is processed through and dispersed from galaxies.
("Elevator pitch" using only words from the 1000 most common available here, a la the XKCD Up Goer Five comic.)

I have a Google-Slides "e-book" (slide is the illustration and notes are the text) on the observational technique: quasar absorption-line spectroscopy.

Catwalk at Las Campanas Observatory.
Having a little fun in the 40 mph winds (May 2012).
Photo by Amanda Zangari.

Education (alternative delivery format: video I made for a K−12 outreach event): Hobbies: I would love to be playing soccer but... knee problem. So, I like cooking, running, and hiking. On the more sedentary side, I crochet and watch anime.

2022−2023 Academic Year "General Weekly Schedule"

I'm on leave. Email or call my office (and leave a voicemail), and I will get back to you.