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In 2012, the Testing Center at Kapi'olani Community College proctored over 23,000 online and paper based tests for face-to-face (F2F) and online (DCO) and distance-education (DE), cable TV, and hybrid courses for instructors throughout the entire University of Hawaii (UH) system.

Many instructors who teach online, distance-education, hybrid, and some face-to-face courses may require their students to take their exams in a proctored testing center. We also provide test proctoring services for students with disabilities who need special testing accommodations, and for students who need to take proctored tests at KCC for schools outside the UH system.

You can learn more about test proctoring services by clicking on the appropriate link:

Academic Tests (For Online, DE, Face-To-Face Courses)
Online and paper-based exams for most online/distance ed courses and some face-to-face courses are administered in the Testing Center.
For Students With Disabilities
Exams typically require extended time and a distraction-free environment.
Students requesting this service must be registered with DSSO.
For Non-UH System Students
Procedures on how to arrange to take proctored tests at Kapi'olani Community College for schools outside of the University of Hawai'i system.
Kapi'olani Community College Testing Center 4303 Diamond Head Road, Lama 101 Honolulu Hawai'i 96816
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