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For Non-UH System Students

[ALERT]: Non-UH Test Proctoring services will be unavailable June 24 - 29, 2015.
Please plan accordingly.

Test proctoring services are available (for a fee) to non-UH system students who need to take exams for other colleges and universities in a proctored testing environment.


Our facility charges proctoring fees at a rate of $25 for the first hour, and $25 for each additional hour or fraction thereof. (For example, if you take 1 hour 15 minutes to take your exam, the proctoring charge is $50.)

Proctoring fees are due at the end of your exam, and may be paid in cash or check.

1) NON-UH EXAM PROCTORING SERVICES (for midterm exams, final exams, etc.)

If you need a proctor to administer your exams for your course and would like to take them at Kapiolani Community College, please send an e-mail request to David Cabatu at In your e-mail, please provide us the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name of your college/university
  • Course name and number
  • Your instructor name
  • Appointment date & time (required)

Appointments are required and considered tentative until your institution sends us your test materials.

Upon receipt of your e-mail message, we will provide you with the proctor's contact information. You will need to forward the proctor's contact information to your instructor or person responsible for sending us your test materials.


If you need to find a proctor to administer a placement test for admission into a college or university that is outside of the University of Hawaii system, we can provide proctoring services for you.

If your school requires you to take the COMPASS PLACEMENT TEST, the following is required:

  • Government-issued or campus picture ID
  • University of Hawaii ID number (this number is required to test at Kapiolani CC).
  • Contact information of the person/department (name, e-mail, and/or fax number) to send your scores to.

If your school requires you to take the ACCUPLACER TEST:

Send an e-mail to David Cabatu at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of the college or university you're testing for.
  • Appointment date & time (required)

Appointments are required and considered tentative until we receive test instructions from your college.

We will respond to your e-mail with the proctor's contact information and any additional instructions. Please read and follow all instructions contained in the e-mail carefully.

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