Exam scoring services are available to instructors who use the Scantron form 229633 bubble sheets for paper-based multiple choice tests. The scanner which processes the data from the test sheets is very sensitive to stray marks or damage to the test sheet. A clean, flat sheet ensures accurate test results.


1. Administer the Test to your students

  • Please use a number 2 pencil only.
  • The student answer sheet require the Identification # section to be completed. The identification number MUST contain a minimum of two (2) digits, and start at COLUMN A.
  • A unique identification number is required for all students. If this field is left blank, the scanner will not grade the test.

Common errors (B) and (C) found on the ID # section of Student Answer Sheets

The ID # starts at column A, and has a minimum of two (2) digits.
The ID # must contain a minimum of two (2) or more digits.
The ID # section contains a blank space in column E.

2. Complete the Test Answer Key
Please do not re-use test answer keys.
The test Answer Key is the form that identifies all of the correct answers for the questions on the test. The form is the same form used by students for their answer sheets. The scanner differentiates between the Answer Key and other answer sheets using two fields on the sheet.

a) Last Name
Enter the word KEY and fill in the corresponding bubbles.

b) Identification #
In COLUMN "A", enter the number "1". Then, starting in COLUMN "C", enter the number of questions the test contains, one digit in each column. For example, a 25 question test would have the numbers "2" and "5" in columns C and D; a 100 question test would have the numbers "1", "0", "0" in columns C, D, and E. This field MUST be completed in order for the test to be graded.

Common errors (B) and (C) found on the ID # section of Test Answer Key

The Test Answer Key is correctly filled out. This hypothetical test has a total of 25 questions.
Column "A" must contain the number '1'. The number of questions start at Column "C".
The required information is reversed. See (A) for the correct way to fill out this section.

3. Prepare the Tests for Grading
In order for the scanner to correctly scan and score test forms, the tests must be placed in this order: answer key, then student answer sheets. All sheets must be face up with all the black tic ID marks facing the same direction.

  • Please complete a Request for Test Scoring form.
  • The test answer sheet and student answer sheet should be facing one direction.
  • To ensure the security of the tests and results, requests should be submitted to the Testing Center in Lama Library, in person.
  • We ask that you allow a 24-hour turn-around time for your submitted job to be completed. Tests will be scanned in the order received.

Full examples of correctly submitted Student Answer Sheets and Test Answer Keys

Student Answer Sheet
(Click image to enlarge)
Test Answer Key
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