(Updated March 18, 2016)

COMPASS remote testing is available to incoming Kapiolani Community College students currently residing in the mainland U.S. (including Alaska). Remote testing allows you to take the COMPASS Math and English placement test(s) at an approved testing center nearest you in the state in which you currently reside*. Completing your placement test will allow you to complete orientation and register for classes before you arrive in Hawaii - saving you time and allowing you to get the classes you want.

Who qualifies for COMPASS Remote Placement Testing?

Students who want to take the COMPASS placement test remotely must meet the following criteria:

  • They are an incoming Kapiolani Community College student AND
  • They are currently residing in the mainland U.S. (including Alaska).

Students residing in Hawaii may take the COMPASS placement test for the first time at no charge at any UH Community College or UH Educational Center nearest you.

Remote testing is not available for students living outside of the United States.

Are there remote testing fees?

Most COMPASS remote testing sites charge a nominal fee to use their facilities. You can see what other remote testing sites charge by searching for a test center using the link below.

Do I need to register to take a COMPASS Remote Placement Test?

You are required to register in advance with the Kapiolani Community College Testing Center.
To start the registration process, follow these steps exactly:

  1. Find a COMPASS testing site here: http://forms.act.org/compass/sites/index.html
    For best results, we recommend searching by ZIP code. Adjust the distance if no results are found.

    *In some instances, your nearest testing site might be located in a neighboring state.
  2. Register for COMPASS remote testing using the online registration form (strongly recommended).

If all information on the online form is correctly submitted and no problems are found, you will receive a e-mail confirmation message within 1 to 2 business days that contains your test registration number that you will need to bring with you to the remote testing site, the details about the remote testing site you have chosen, and instructions on making an appointment (if one is required by the remote testing site). It is very important that you have reliable access to e-mail throughout this process.

You can also register over the phone by calling a testing center supervisor at 808.734.9165 or 808.734.9671. You will need to provide ALL of the information listed on the online registration form above. Keep in mind that when the testing center is busy, we may ask you to register using the online registration form instead.

I'm finished taking the test! What do I do next?

The COMPASS system will automatically notify the Testing Center when you complete your test. Your scores will be posted on your academic record by the end of the day (in some cases, the next business day). We will send you a copy of your scores and recommended placements via PDF attachment to your University of Hawaii e-mail address. Your scores and placements is needed by First Year Experience (or academic advisors) to conduct over-the-phone orientation, advising, and registration.

Kapi'olani Community College Testing Center 4303 Diamond Head Road, Lama 101 Honolulu Hawai'i 96816
Information: 808-734-9144 Fax: 808-734-9453 E-mail: kcctest@hawaii.edu