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ACCUPLACER Placement Tests

If one (1) of the following situations apply to you, then you might be required to take the ACCUPLACER test before you can register for classes.

  • You are a NEW/FIRST TIME student to any UH Community College, including KCC.
  • You have not already completed college courses in Math or English.
  • You are transferring to KCC, but have not yet had your previous college transcripts evaluated
  • You do not meet the minimum score requirements on the ACT, SAT, Smarter Balanced tests, or Alternative Placement options for direct placement into college level courses.

All tests are given by WALK-IN only. No appointments or reservations are required.

Summer 2018 Semester (May 21 - August 16, 2018)

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Sat / Sun / Holidays

Exceptions to the regular hours:

May 14-18, 2018
Spring Interim Week
Placement Testing
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
May 28, 2018 (Mon)
Memorial Day
June 11, 2018 (Mon)
King Kamehameha Day
July 04, 2018 (Wed)
Independence Day
August 17, 2018 (Fri)
Statehood Day

Step-by-step procedures for taking placement tests at Kapi'olani Community College

  1. Check in at the Testing Center in Lama Library

    DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Picture ID and UH Number

    Students without proper documentation will not be admitted to test.

    NOTE: A student ID card issued by any University of Hawaii campus that contains an 8-digit student identification number satisfies both picture ID and UH number requirements.

    Acceptable photo ID documents that proves your identity include:
    - Driver's license (Full, Provisional, Limited-Purpose, and instruction permits)
    - USCIS Lawful Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
    - USCIS Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card
    - Passport
    - State ID
    - Military ID
    - School ID

    Acceptable documents that proves your UH number include:
    - Acceptance letter from Kapi'olani Community College (paper printout or e-mail version OK)
    - Completed Request for UH Number form
    - An online printout from OR

  2. Take the Test

    PLEASE NOTE: The WritePlacer essay must be completed in one sitting. You will not be allowed to stop and finish your essay later. Please see your Proctor if you have questions regarding timing.

    What ACCUPLACER tests are available to students?
    At Kapi'olani Community College, we administer the following sections of the ACCUPLACER test:
    - Math
    - WritePlacer
    - ESL Reading
    - ESL Writing Sample (paper/pen written test)

    What items am I allowed to have during testing?
    Per College Board policy, personal calculators of any type are NOT ALLOWED during testing.
    - The Testing Center will provide students with scratch paper and pencil.

    How long does the test take?
    The ACCUPLACER tests has no time limits
    - You might spend up to:
    1 to 2 hours if you take ONLY the Math test
    1 to 1.5 hours if you take ONLY the WritePlacer
    2 to 3 hours if you take Math and WritePlacer at the same time
    3 to 4 hours if you take Math, ESL Reading, and ESL Writing Sample together at the same time.

    While Testing:
    - If you don't understand a particular question, raise your hand and a proctor will assist you.
    - Proctors and staff are NOT permitted to interpret or otherwise give you hints about any particular test question.
    - TIP: All questions are multiple-choice. If you can eliminate at least two "wrong" answers, then it may payoff to guess.

    Can I take the ACCUPLACER in separate sections?
    - Yes. If you are not ready to take the entire test in one sitting, or do not have time to take the entire test, please ask the proctor to break up the test into separate sections. You are responsible for returning at a later time to complete the remainder of your test.

  3. Get your placement results

    When do I get the results of the ACCUPLACER Math, WritePlacer, or ESL Reading Test?
    - The results of an ACCUPLACER Math, WritePlacer, and ESL Reading Placement test are available for pickup at the front desk immediately upon the completion of the test.
    - In extremely rare cases, WritePlacer scores may take up to two days to be processed.

    When do I get the results of my ESL Writing Sample Test?
    - If you are an International F-1 student OR Resident Immigrant, pick up your results at the Testing Center after two (2) business days. Call us to check if your results are ready before you come on campus. A PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED TO PICK-UP TEST RESULTS!
    - If you took the ESL Test as an "Admissions Test", the Honda International Center ('Iliahi 107) will contact you with your results.

    How long are my test scores valid?
    Your ACCUPLACER Placement Test scores are alid for two (2) years.

    What is the ACCUPLACER Re-Test Policy?
    Full details of our re-testing policy can be found here: ACCUPLACER Re-Test Policy

  4. New/First Time Students: Attend NSO Part II

    New/First-Time students enrolling at Kapi'olani Community College must bring their ACCUPLACER placement test results to New Student Orientation, Part II. You may make an appointment to attend NSO Part II by calling 808.734.9245 or 808.734.9645.

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