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(Updated November 1, 2016)

ACCUPLACER remote testing is available to incoming Kapi'olani Community College students currently residing outside the State of Hawai'i. Remote testing allows you to take the ACCUPLACER Math and WritePlacer placement test(s) at an approved testing center nearest you in the state in which you currently reside. Completing your placement test will allow you to complete orientation and register for classes before you arrive in Hawai'i - saving you time and allowing you to get the classes you want.

Who qualifies for ACCUPLACER Remote Placement Testing

Students who want to take the ACCUPLACER placement test remotely must meet the following criteria:

  • They are an incoming Kapi'olani Community College student AND
  • They are currently residing OUTSIDE the State of Hawai'i.

Students residing in Hawai'i may take the ACCUPLACER test for the first time at no charge at any UH Community College or UH Educational Center nearest you.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students are required to designate a suitable proctor
    Contact a local college testing center (military students may inquire with their on-base Military Education Center) to see if they offer proctored testing for outside institutions. If they do, please identify yourself as a Kapi'olani Community College student needing to take the ACCUPLACER test. Many test sites charge a nominal fee to use their testing facility. You are responsible for paying any proctoring fees charged by the institution.

    Students must e-mail David Cabatu at with the following information:

    - Your name, UH number, and UH e-mail address
    - Name of designated test proctor
    - College / University / Military Education Center testing site name
    - Proctor's e-mail address
    - Proctor's business phone number
    - Requested appointment date & time (if one is required by the testing site)

  2. Proctor's must complete and sign the ACCUPLACER Proctor Security Agreement
    Before we release any test instructions to your proctor, the Testing Center will need a signed proctor security agreement. We will work with your designated proctor to ensure all forms are completed and approved prior to your scheduled test date.

  3. Test instructions will be sent to your designated proctor before your scheduled test date
    The Testing Center will send your test instructions to your designated proctor 2 - 3 days prior to your scheduled test date.

  4. Show up at your scheduled date and time to take your test
    Be sure to bring an acceptable form of picture ID and payment to pay for your test fees.

  5. When you complete your test:
    - Be sure you and your proctor sign the Proctor / Student verification form.
    - Your proctor should e-mail/fax the completed form to the Testing Center along with a copy of your test scores.
    - Make sure you have a copy of your scores before you leave the test center

  6. Contact the First-Year Experience (FYE) office at 808.734.9245 or 808.734.9645 to schedule your over-the-phone Orientation, Advising, and Registration session.
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