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Katipunan Officers Meeting # 1
Friday, August 18, 2006


I.          Meeting called to order:  12:45 p.m.

II.         Meeting recorded by:  Bryan Juan

III.       Officers Present
            a.         Bryan Juan – President
            b.         Keith Novell – Vice-President
            c.         Dominic Malong – Treasurer
            d.         Kristoffer Toribio – Activities Coordinator
            e.         Christopher Cadiz – Web Administrator
            f.          Tita Imelda Gasmen – Advisor

IV.       Officer Responsibilities
            a.         Secretary must compile a binder of all minutes from meetings
            b.         Historian must document all events
            c.         For other officer responsibilities, download it from the Katipunan website

V.        Registered Independent Organization (RIO) Briefing
            a.         See agenda
            b.         Those who signed the RIO contact list must have good standing or the application will be denied
            c.         6 contact persons are needed
            d.         The first five contacts are as follows:
                        i.          Bryan Juan
                        ii.          Keith Novell
                        iii.         Dominic Malong
                        iv.         Kristoffer Toribio
                        v.         Christopher Cadiz
            e.         One more contact person needed.  Second Activities Coordinator recommended.
            f.          Contact persons are the only ones allowed to reserve and sign RIO papers

VI.       General Meetings
            a.         Meetings to be held every two weeks
            b.         Meetings will alternate from either a Monday/Tuesday or
            c.         Meetings will start at 1:30 (TENTATIVE)

VII.      Katipunan Brochure
            a.         Updating of brochure to be completed by PRO

VIII.     T-Shirt Committee
            a.         Committed to be headed by PRO
            b.         Students from different classes will submit designs
            c.         The winning design will be featured in the Katipunan magazine for

IX.       Inventory of Office Supplies
            a.         Inventory is to be conducted by both Activities Coordinators
            b.         A list of supplies in stock and in demand (for the whole semester) needs to be typed out

X.        Contact List
            a.         List to be compiled by the President
            b.         Contact information needed:  Full Name, UH Email, Major, Telephone
            c.         Contact information needed from:  Lorelei Villaluz, Kevyn Fong, Jenalyn
                        Aguado, and Vaneza Agustin

XI.       Volunteer Work
            a.         To show that we are an active part of the community (outside of the Univ.
                        of Hawaii), we will complete some type of community service project by the end of the semester
            b.         Suggested Volunteer Work
                        i.          Helping at the FILCOM Center (Waipahu) so that we target the
                                    Filipino community

XII.      Committee Heads
            a.         Committee Chairpersons were chosen on first come first serve basis.
                        Apology to those who reserved certain committees, but priority was given to those present at the meeting
            b.         Committee Assignment
                        i.          Picnic Committee
                                    1.         Advisor – Tita Betchie
                                    2.         Chairpersons – Kristoffer Toribio & Vaneza Agustin
                                    3.         Picnic Sites # 29 & 30 @ Ala Moana Beach Park
                                    4.         Saturday, September 23, 2006
                        ii.          Songfest Committee
                                    1.         Advisor – Tita Ime
                                    2.         Chairperson – Christopher Cadiz
                                    3.         Saturday, December 2, 2006
                        iii.         Fundraising Committee
                                    1.         Chairpersons – Dominic Malong & Keith Novell
                        iv.         Special Events Committee
                                    1.         Chairpersons – All other officers
            c.         All unassigned officers will sign up for chair positions at a later date
            d.         Activities not to be headed by officers
                        i.          Sine – Friday, October 27, 2006 – Tita Ruth
                        ii.          Literary Fest – Friday, November 17, 2006 – Ate Sheila

XIII.     Meeting adjourned:  1:46 p.m.



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