Kate Xiao Zhou

E-mail: katezhou@hawaii.edu
(808) 956-8777 (office), (808) 956-6877 (fax)

Academic Degrees
1994 Ph.D in Politics, Princeton University
1989 M.S. in Sociology, Texas A&M University
1984 Teaching Certificate in English, University of Foreign Studies, Beijing, China
1982 B.A. in English, Wuhan University, China

Teaching and Research Fields
Asian Politics; Chinese Politics; International Political Economy;
Political Economy of East Asia; Developmental Politics; Democracy and
Market Development; Women and Development.

Academic Employment History
July 1999- Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Hawaii.
August 1994- 1999 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Hawaii.
January 1995- Affiliated Fellow, Programs on International Political Economy, East-West Center.
1991-1992 Teaching Assistant in Contemporary Chinese Politics, for Professor Lynn White, Dept. of Politics, Princeton University.
1982-1986 Lecturer of English in Dept. of Foreign Languages, Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics, Wuhan, China



How The Farmers Changed China: Power of the People (Boulder, CO: Westview
Press, 1996).

Articles and Book Chapters

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Review Essays

"A Review Essay of Louis Putterman, Continuity and Change in China's Rural Development ," China Review International (forthcoming, 2000).

"A Review Essay of Pauline B. Keating, Two Revolutions: Village Reconstruction and the Cooperative Movement in Northern Shaanxi, 1934-1945," The Journal of Interdisciplinary History (Autumn 1999), Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 369-371.

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" A Review of Fei Xiaotong, From the Soil: The Foundations of Chinese Society" Social Forces, (March, 1995), Vol. 73, pp. 156-7.

Papers Presented

"Bringing Women in Entrepreneurship Studies: Situational Entrepreneurs in China," The 1999 Conference on International Entrepreneurship, (Singapore, August 15-18, 1999)

"The Chinese and Hongkongese View of the Economic Crisis in Asia" Conference on Asian Perspectives on the Economic Crisis, Sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, (Honolulu, August 18-20, 1998)

"Politics of Famine in Communist States: China, the Former Soviet Union, Cambodia, and North Korea," Conference on Food Security and Political Stability in the Asia-Pacific Region, Sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, (Honolulu, Sept. 11, 1998)

"Japanese Communitarianism and the Elimination of Poverty," Annual Meeting of Political Science Association, With Yasumasa Kuroda and Naoto Yoshikawa, (Boston, Sept. 3-6, 1998)

"Rural Resistance and Reforms in Vietnam and China," International Conference on Vietnamese Studies, (Hanoi, Vietnam, July 14-17, 1998)

"The Rise of Consumer Society and Social Change in China," International Convention of Asia Scholars, (Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, June 25-28, 1998)

"Women's Role in China's Market Transition," International Conference on China's Economic Reform, (June 22-25, 1997, Shanghai China)

"Japanese Influence and Political Economy of Chinese Consumer Revolution," 49th Annual Meeting of the Association For Asian Studies, (Chicago, March 13-16, 1997)

"Political Economy of Farmers and Moral Economy of Urban Workers," Annual Meeting of Political Science Association, (San Francisco, August 29-Sept. 1, 1996)

"Women And Market Development in Rural China" 48th Annual Meeting of the Association For Asian Studies, (Honolulu. April 11-14, 1996)

"Rural Resistance to the One-child Family Policy in China" 47th Annual Meeting of the Association For Asian Studies, (Washington D.C. April 6-9, 1995)

"Rural Industrialization and The Transformation of Local Politics," Conference on Reforming Socialist States, (Wuhan, China, December 23-25, 1994);

"Feminist Critique on Theory of Moral Economy", at Engendering China Conference, (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Feb. 17-19, 1992).

"Student Movements in China" at Annual Meeting of American Sociology Association, (Chicago, IL, July 1987)

"Chinese Women's Dilemma in Economic Reforms" at Southwest Conference of Asian History, (Waco, Texas, in Oct. 1986).

Academic Awards and Scholarships
1993-1994 Mellon Dissertation Fellowship
1989-1993 Princeton University Doctoral Fellowship
1982 Honor Student Award, Wuhan University, China

Institution Membership
American Political Science Association
Association for Asian Scholars
Chinese Writers Association of Hawaii
American Sociological Association
Chinese Women Association (US)
Pacific and Asian Affairs Council

Publication Referee
Routlege (UK)
Rowman & LittleField (US)
Zhongguo Nüxin (Chinese Women) (China)
Journal of Developing Areas (US)
Journal of Asian Studies (US)
Journal of Contemporary China (US)

Japanese: Reading (good); Speaking and Writing (Fair)
Chinese:  Native in Speaking, Reading and Writing
English: Fluent
Citizenship: The United States of America