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Courses Taken

LIS 601 Introduction to Reference and Information Services

Spring 2016, Professor Vanessa Irvin

LIS 601 Syllabus

Philosophy, principles, and practices of reference services in libraries, information centers, and information literacy.

Projects included Reference Question Sets, creation of Pathfinders/LibGuides, Fieldwork Reports, and Bibiographic Research Plans.

LIS 610 Foundations of the Information Professions

Spring 2016, Professor Donna Bair-Mundy

Lectures and discussions on the role of libraries and their social utility in information societies.

Projects included research papers, presentations, and the creation of an e-Portfolio.

LIS 615 Collection Management

Spring 2016, Professor Andrew Wertheimber

Principals and issues regarding collection management and care of books.

Projects included Collection Management Policy critiques, book reviews, and research papers.