Established 1989

We meet every Monday at 8:00pm at the U.H. Manoa athletic complex, studio 3, Honolulu, HI, . All skill levels are welcome. Come and join us and have fun!  Free!!
For more information please email either Steve or Gavin, or call Steve: 808-554-1136.

The Rainbow Jugglers were featured on The Hawaiian Moving Company on May5th. Video Here (Windows Media). 
We Have been known to:


International Jugglers Association
59th Annual Jugglers Festival
Portland, Oregon - July 17-23, 2006
- Festival Highlights -

Pie at Anna Millers
Have fun at U.H.

Walk on stilts.
  Entertain in the street.
Play with fire.
Academy of Arts.
Pass in parks.

Perform on stage.
Do Opera................With H.O.T.
Surf ??


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