"Judo for Africa Program" at Judo@UH

We are collecting old Judo-gi for donations.

If you have any old judo gi and pants that you are no longer using, please donate it to us.

We are planning to send gis to Mauritania and Rwanda.

Contact: S.Taniguchi, Director of Judo for Africa Program

Email: Judo 'at' hawaii 'dot' edu

Mauritania (October 2011)

To support the development of Judo in Mauritania, Judo-gis were donated to the Yamamoto Dojo on October 2011. There are now 121 Judoka in Mauritania participating in Judo.

Special thanks to Saito-Wee Dojo, YMCA-Ann Arbor Judo Club, Judo Alumni Association Network at the University of Michigan, and the Judo Team at the University of Hawaii, as well as other USA Judo and USJF members who donated their Judo gi.

We would also like to thank Dr. D.Gershman, the director of the Judo Alumni Asosciation Network at the University of Michigan, for arranging the Judogi shipments.

Rwanda (October 2014)

To support the development of Judo in Rwanda, Judo-gis were donated to Rwanda on October 2014. Donated gi is used to revive the Judo program in Rwanda, Africa. Rwanda economy was hit hard from the genocide occurred 17 years ago.

On behalf of the Judo Team at the University of Hawaii, we would like to recognize and thank following individuals, clubs, and organizations for supporting our program (Alphabetical order). Thank you very much!

Mr. L.Abilla, Mr. P.Catlos, Mr. D.Flagg, Ms. J.Giurad, Mr. T.Gomez, Mr. T.Kamioka, Ms. K.Nishina, Mr. R.Nozaki, Mr. J.Hirano, Mr. R.Sanchez, Mr. N.Saito, Mr. T.Sheehan, Mr. S.Taniguchi, Mr. G.Tashombe, Mr. K.Watkins, Konan Yudanshakai (USJF Yudanshakai), Michigan Judo Development Association (MJDA), Michigan State University Judo Club, Judo Affiliates of Michigan, Inc. (JAM), Judoka Network at the University of Michigan, Judo Team at the University of Hawaii, Saito-Wee Dojo, YMCA-Ann Arbor, United States Judo Association, United States Judo Federation, and USA Judo

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Judogi Donation to Rwanda (October 2014)





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