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1974:  B.A. Magna cum laude, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.


            Art History major, Fine Arts minor, concentrating in ceramics. 


            Studied with Toshiko Takaezu for three and one half years.


            Princeton University's Francis LeMoyne Page Award for excellence

in the visual arts.


1978:  M.F.A. in ceramics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.                            


            Awarded Graduate Teaching Fellowship for two years.





1995-present:  Assistant Professor of 3-Dimensional Art, Maui Community College, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.


1983-present:  Ceramics Department Head and Instructor, Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.


            Sponsored visiting artists: Bill Abright, Clayton Amemiya, Dan Anderson, Gail Bakutis, Bunky Bakutis, Paulus Berensohn, Doug Casebeer, Tom Collins, Ginny Conrow, Val Cushing, Mark Eaton, Stephen Freedman, David Furman, Dolores Lewis Garcia, Regina Gurland, Tony Hepburn, Will Herrera, Rick Hirsch, Jolyon Hofsted, Robin Hopper, Claude Horan, Jan McKeachie-Johnston, Randy Johnston, Karen Karnes, Thomas Kerrigan, George Kokis, David Kuraoka, Eva Kwong, Dick Leach, Chiu Leong, Paul Lewing, Warren MacKenzie, Catherine Merrill, Gregory Miller, Emma Lewis Mitchel, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wayne Ngan, Jeff Oestreich, Walter Ostrom, Reid Ozaki, Faith Rahill, M. C. Richards, Mary Roettger, Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Paul Soldner, Toshiko Takaezu, George Timock, Laura Wee Lae Lac,  Peter VandenBerge, Sandy Vitarelli, Carolyn Whyman.



1995-1997:  PACE Ceramics Instructor, Maui Community College, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.


1993:  Visiting Artist Instructor, Lanai Art Center, Lanai City, Lanai, Hawaii.


1986-1993:  Visiting Artist Instructor (yearly visits), Maui Community College, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.


1994,1991,1989,1988,1987,1986:  Artist in the Schools, Maui County Department of Education.


1986-1989:  Ceramics Instructor, Seabury Hall secondary school, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.


1978-1980:  Ceramics Department Head and Instructor, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon.





2005, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998,1996, 1994,1993,1990,1989,1987, 1986, 1984:  Hawaii Craftsmen, Academy Art Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2004, 2000, 1999, 1995, 1991. 1990, 1985:  Art Maui, Maui arts and Cultural Center, Kahului, Hawaii.


Feb. 20-Mar. 26, 2004:  Potter to Potter National Juried Show, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon.


2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1994, 1990, 1989,1988, 1987, 1986:  Hui No`eau Juried Members Exhibit, Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii.

Sept. 20-Oct. 31, 2003: The Mud Show, National Exhibit of Works in Clay, TLD Design Center & Gallery, Westmont, Illinois.


Sept. 2-29, 2002:  Salzbrand Keramik 2002, Galerie Handwerk Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany.


2000 & 1999:  33rd & 34th Annual National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas.


Mar. 5-Apr. 14,2000 & 1997:  The 6th & 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibitions, The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii.

May 8-30, 1999:  Strictly Functional Pottery National, Market House Crafts Center, East Petersburg, Pennsylvania.


1998 & 1995:  The 12th & 10th San Angelo National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, Texas.


1998 & 1995:  16th & 13th Annual Women’s National Juried Art Exhibition, Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale, Arkansas.

                        Awarded Honorable Mention Cash Award during the 1998 exhibition.


1998-2000 & 1977:  The International Orton Cone Box Show, Holt Russell Gallery, Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas.


May 1-31, 1996:  1996 Hammonds National, Grayton Beach, Florida.


July 28-Sept. 3, 1995:  The Wichita National, The Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, Kansas.


May 31-June 23, 1995:  Influence and Introspection, Pacific NW Ceramics, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


May 6-June 2, 1995:  Ceramics USA 1995, Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, Texas.


Apr. 7-30, 1995:  The Clay Cup V, University Museum, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.


1995 & 1991:  Artists of Hawaii, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii.





Nov. 12-Dec. 19, 2004:  Good Things, Small Packages:  Mixed Media Invitational, Schaefer International Gallery, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Kahului, Hawaii.  

Sept. 28-Nov. 9, 2003:  Vessel Exhibit, Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii.


Oct. 11-Nov. 1, 2002:  Statewide Community College Faculty Art Exhibition, Gallery `Iolani, Windward Community College, University of Hawaii, Kane`ohe, Hawaii.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sept. 29-Nov. 4, 2000:  Mud, An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics in Hawaii, Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii.

Sept. 17-Oct. 27, 2000:  Maui Artists, Honolulu Advertiser Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii.  


Nov. 7-29, 1998:  Feast or Famine, Kazuma International Gallery, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Kahului, Hawaii.


Apr. 30-June13, 1982:  Visual Arts Program:  A Decade of Artist Alumni, Princeton University Art  Museum, Princeton, New Jersey.

Nov. 1980:  November Invitational, Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, New Jersey.


Oct.-Nov. 1978:  Vessels and Vehicles, 11 Oregon Potters, Malone Art Gallery, Loyola, L.A., California.





Dec. 13-Jan. 8, 1995:  Imprints in Clay, Solo Exhibit, Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Makawao,Maui.


Aug. 4-Sept. 4, 1990:  Impressions, Expressions, and Collaborations by Jennifer Owen and Deybra, two-person show, Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii.

May 30-June 14, 1987:  Cathy Franque Riley & Jennifer Owen, Handwoven Tapestries and Ceramics, two-person show, Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii.

Oct. 1980:  Aspirations, solo exhibition, High Street Gallery, Eugene, Oregon.


May 4-29,  1980:  Celeste Le Blanc and Jennifer Owen, two-person show, Henry Korn Gallery, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon.

May-June 1978:  M.F.A. Exhibit, University of Oregon Art Museum, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.


May 1974:  B.A. Exhibit, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.                                     





"Solid Clay Laminates", Ceramics Monthly, volume 40, number 6, June/July/ August 1992.