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Image of ceramic       sculpture titled Cactus BlossomImage of ceramic       sculpture of three winged figures with arms upstretched titled       Spirit TripodImage       of sculpture of four different colored ceramic balls in a bamboo       cage titled Caged CairnImage of oblong       ceramic sculpture enclosed in bamboo cage titled Cryssalis
I am a ceramic artist and teacher at Maui Community College on Maui in Hawaii. There follows a collection of photos of my work. I am interested in networking with other ceramic artists. You can contact me at                                                                     

If you are a ceramic artist coming to Maui, get in touch.  Maybe you'd like to visit one of my classes as a guest artist.  As a ceramics teacher on Maui for the last 25 years, many ceramic artists from around the world have visited my classes, including Dan Anderson, Paulus Berensohn, Doug Casebeer, Tom Collins, Stephen Freedman, David Furman, Jolyon Hofsted, Robin Hopper, Randy and Jan Johnston, George Kokis, David Kuraoka, Peteris Martinsons, Warren McKenzie, Jeff Oestreich, M.C.Richards, Toshiko Takaezu, and Peter Vandenberge.

Image of ceramic bowl       made of many thin layers of colored clayImage of ceramic       figure/vessel titled EmbraceImage of ceramic wall       plaque of lovers sitting side by side holding hands

Current Course Offerings at Maui Community College
        Art 101: Introduction to the Visual Arts
         Art 105: Introductory Studio: Ceramics
         Art 243: Intermediate Ceramics: Hand Building
         Art 244: Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
         Art 290V: Intermediate Ceramics: Hand Building and Wheel Throwing                                                   

         Art 190V:  Introduction to Sculpture

         Art 170:  History of Western Art


Maui Community College Ceramics Studio