1998-1999 Freedom Forum/
Parvin Fellows at the
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China Daily

CHANG, Jun "June" -- Chang Jun, leader of the China Daily fellows, was born in 1972 in East China Shandong Province. She received her first bachelor's degree in 1993, in English language and literature at Shandong Normal University, where her parents are professors. She received her second bachelor's from the China School of Journalism, a university sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency. After earning her journalism degree, she began to work for China Daily, the national English language newspaper in China. She is a reporter and copy editor of the newspaper's Supplement Department. As a sponsored section of China Daily, the supplement covers various fields including diplomatic issues, Chinese industry, the economy and culture. The supplement is news and soft advertising at the same time. Chang Jun is in charge of the editing and reporting of diplomatic supplements. China Daily publishes special reports on important events when heads of foreign countries visit China and foreign countries' national days. During the past three years, she has successfully organized supplements for more than 30 countries, including the visit of President Bill Clinton to China. She writes articles for these supplements based on exclusive interviews of foreign ambassadors to China, highlighting the bilateral friendship and economic co-operation potentials. She also selects materials contributed by foreign embassies in China, trying to give China Daily readers an over-all introduction to the relevant country. Chang Jun's husband is a reporter for the Xinhua News Agency. They have no children.

WU, Zheng "Joyce" -- Wu Zheng was born in May 1971 in Shanghai where she also received her bachelor's degree in journalism at the School of Journalism at Fudan University in 1993. While at the university, she interned at the Shanghai Bureau of China Daily, where she went to work after graduation. She was involved in helping the bureau launch a new newspaper, the Shanghai Star, a bi-weekly that covers Southeast China. Today, the tabloid has established itself as a major information source for the area and has a circulation of 50,000. During the past year and a half, she has been responsible for financial and commercial news reporting for both China Daily, the parent newspaper, and the Star. She has also covered entertainment and medical news along with other beats. Her husband also works for the Star. They have no children. She says she does not feel bored by seeing the same face in both office and home. Her father is an engineer, and her mother is a retired university teacher, who dreamed about becoming a reporter when she was young.

YANG, Chunya "Rebecca" -- Yang Chunya was born in 1971 in Southwest China's Guizhou. She joined China Daily in 1995 after graduating from the China School of Journalism where she majored in international news writing and editing. She received her bachelor's degree in English in 1993 from the Second Beijing Foreign Language Institute. She has been working as a reporter for China Daily's Opinion Department for the past three years. As one of four major departments in China Daily, the opinion page is devoted to commentaries and in-depth reports on specific issues, events or process representing changing Chinese society. Reporters assigned to the Opinion Department usually have no fixed beat. They write whatever they and the editors think is significant, useful, or of great interest. Currently, most of her articles are about the on-going economic reform in China and its impact on the various social aspects. Her husband is a marketing manager for the Beijing branch of Nokia, a Finnish telecommunication company. Her father is an engineer with the Guizhou Economic Information Center. Her mother is a teacher at a Guizhou labor bureau.

YANG, Yingshi "Kimo" -- Yang Yingshi, the only male among the China Daily fellows, was born in 1971 in Central China's Hunan Province. He has worked for three years as a news reporter for China Daily's National News Department and more recently as a copy editor on the night desk. He earned his bachelor's degree in English in 1994 from Mankai University. Since joining China Daily, Yang has written features and art reviews for China Daily's feature pages and its subordinate weekly tabloid Beijing Weekend. He has also worked as a freelance translator and writer for other Chinese publications, mainly art magazines. While working on the night desk, he had an opportunity to improve himself by learning from members of the editorial board and its foreign polishers who are native English speakers. One of his major tasks is to assist foreign editors in polishing stories written by Chinese reporters and to answer their questions concerning specific situations in China. As a reporter, Yang has been able to travel a lot both in China and abroad. He has been to the U.S. Mainland, South Korea, and Hong Kong on separate assignments. He has interviewed many important officials in China. He considers his most interesting and unforgettable assignments to be a month-long interviewing trip across China along the Beijing-Kowloon Railway prior to the return of Hong Kong. After the journey, which covered nine provinces and municipalities, Yang believed he had gotten to know China much better through talking with people living along the new rail line. Yang is not married. His father is a farmer who is good at Chinese calligraphy and full of human interest. His mother is deceased.

Xinhua News Agency

LIU, Liwei "Leavy" -- Liu, leader of the Xinhua fellows, was born in 1965 in Heilongjiang Province in the most Northeastern part of China. He received his first bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 1988 from Qsinghua University. He earned his second bachelor's in international news from the China School of Journalism in 1990. He has been a science translator and a science editor for the Reference News Department of Xinhua News Agency for eight years. Reference News, one of the major departments in Xinhua, brings in almost a quarter of Xinhua's revenue, thanks to its Reference News Daily, the largest daily newspaper in China with a circulation of nearly three million. Liu's primary job is screening science stories from foreign agencies' dispatches and from major American and British newspapers and magazines and to translate them into Chinese. His wife is also a translator in the same department. He says she knows American movie and music stars like she knows her fingers. They have a son, but his wife is hesitant about him becoming a movie or music star. His parents are retired.

XU, Xiaoting "Christine" -- Xu Xiaoting was born on Oct. 25, 1969, in Shanghai, the most vibrant city on China's east coast. She graduated from the Journalism Program in the English Department of Shanghai International Studies University in 1993. While a student, she interned with the Xinhua News Agency in the latter half of 1992. After graduation she went to work as a reporter in the Department of Home News for Overseas Service at Xinhua. During the past five years, she has covered news events ranging from the annual sessions of China's top legislature to the blocking of the Yangtze River for the building of the massive Three Gorges Dam. She considers being part of the Xinhua team covering the Hong Kong turnover as the most exciting and challenging episode of her career. Christine is known among friends for her unpredictable temperament, tending to jump from boisterous raptures one moment to deep melancholy the next. However, she says she has proven to herself that she can be cooperative and on the whole pleasant while doing teamwork. To new acquaintances, she may present herself as another smiling and soft-spoken Oriental woman. Xu traces this resilience in her nature to her father, a sailor who has loved the sea all his life. On the other hand, she confesses that she has inherited a sharp tongue, usually targeted on her younger brother, Dragon, from her mother, an efficient machinist who is never without a sense of humor.

YE, Jianqiang "Tony" -- Ye Jianqiang was born in 1972 in east China's Zhejiang Province. He received his bachelor's degree in English literature from Nankai University. After graduation, he took part in several photo workshops sponsored by Xinhua, Reuters, etc. He has been working for the Photo Desk of Xinhua News Agency for five years. As a photo editor, he is responsible for organizing photo coverage and photo editing and polishing by computer. He also records on negatives the stories that might interest subscribers of Xinhua's news photos. He considers the insomnia nights and busy days during the Atlanta Olympic Games as the most unforgettable experience of his career . His wife is an engineer and they have no children. His parents are retired.

ZHU, Yide "Edward" -- Zhu Yide was born on July 4, 1964, in Wuxi, Eastern China's Jiangsu Province. He received his first bachelor's degree in English Language and literature from Nanking University in 1987. He earned a second bachelor's in news writing and editing from the China School of Journalism in 1989. While at CSJ, he interviewed Charlton Heston, who was directing an American drama in Beijing People's Art Theater. His story was published in an overseas English newspaper. This was one of his first published news stories in his career. He considered it an exciting experience. Since graduating from CSJ, he has worked as a translator and editor for nine years in the Reference News Department of Xinhua. As one of the major department in Xinhua, the Reference News Department publishes several reference materials for domestic officials on different levels and a newspaper with a circulation of three million. His job in the past seven years has been to read news bulletins from AP, AFP and Reuters and articles in major American and British newspapers and magazines, get the main idea and decide what is important to readers, and then write news stories in Chinese, covering the daily main events in the world. His wife is a reporter from the Beijing Youth Weekly. They have no children. His father used to be a professor at Nanking University and his mother was a doctor at the Student and Facilities Health Center at the same university.

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