You may already know that KCC's Service Learning program provides important volunteer opportunities for pre-health, nursing, and education students. But how about other classes? Like, say, microbiology?

Sure, why not? Even KCC's Microbiology students have found projects that help both themselves and the community. Relevant projects include working with HIV/AIDS organizations, micropropagating endangered plant species at the Lyon Arboretum, and tutor ing junior high school students in biology, to name a few.

Each Microbiology Service Learning volunteer is rewarded with valuable experiences. Take the time to learn from them, as they share their experiences:

Emiko Ching, Waikiki Health Center: Entry #1...Entry #2...Entry #3 Emiko volunteers with the Waikiki Health Center, interacting with the working women of the Waikiki streets. She educates them about STDs, and o ffers her compassion and support.

Willy Ching, McKinley High School Biology Program: Entry #1...Entry #2...Entry #3 Willy is a biology tutor at McKinley High School. Read about his classroom antics as he shares his knowledge with his students.

Ed Galura, Waikiki Health Center Ed is another volunteer at the Waikiki Health Center. His report gives us a week-by-week account of his experiences.

Sylvia Kwon, Pacificare: Entry #1...Entry #2 Sylvia has a lot to say about her rewarding experiences with Pacificare.

Cari Peddie, Hawaii AIDS Clinical Trials Unit Cari helps out with AIDS research at the Queen's Medical Center.

Jamie Peralta, Waikiki Health Center Jamie is also at the Waikiki Health Center. Read to see how her experiences compare with the other Health Center volunteers.

Joanne Soriano, Lyon Arboretum: Entry #1... Entry #2...Entry #3 Joanne volunteers at the Arboretum's micropropagation lab, helping with their efforts to perpetuate the endangered plant species of Hawaii.

Maria Tesoro, Lyon Arboretum: Entry #1...Entry #2...Entry #3...Entry #4...Entry #5 Maria also volunteers at the Arboretum, but she devotes her time to maintaining the park's beautiful grounds.

Lisa Walden, Waikiki Health Center: Entry #1...Entry #2...Entry #3 Yet another volunteer at this popular Service Learning site. Lisa provides her services by answering calls at the STD/AIDS Hotline.

James Westgate, Open Airways for Schools: Entry #1... Entry #2 Jim volunteers with the American Lung Association of Hawaii, teaching asthmatic school children how to deal with their disease.