LIS Courses and Projects

*LIS course descriptions have been taken from the UHM LIS program website.

LIS 601 - Introduction to Reference & Information Services
Professor: Irvin (Syllabus)
Philosophy, principles and practice of reference services in libraries, information centers and information literacy. Bibliographic control, reference research, reference interview, online searching, evaluation of bibliographic and Webliographic material. Field component.

LibGuide Project:

This guide was designed to introduce researchers to some of the resources available through the Hawai'i Army Library system related to internment that took place in Hawai'i during World War II.

LIS 610 - Foundations of the Information Professionals (currently enrolled)
Professor: Bair-Mundy (Syllabus)
Lecture/discussion course on role of libraries, their social utility in information societies. History and future of libraries in changing technological world. Information professions, information ethics, intellectual freedom, intellectual property, information access, national/international library developments.

LIS 615 - Collection Management
Professor: Wertheimer (Syllabus)
Principles and issues of collection management and care. Criteria and tools for selecting and deselecting materials. Relationships with publishers/producers.

Poster title: Navigating Digital Preservation
Student Poster Presentation for HLA/HASL Joint Conference, Dec 2015

LIS 620 - Conservation of Library and Archival Materials
Professor: Dunn (Syllabus)
In-depth exploration of the nature of library and archival materials and factors that cause deterioration. Hands-on approach provides practical experience testing and analyzing basic conservation treatments, and understanding the role of conservation in preservation planning.


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