John Maurer

M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2006
B.A., Stanford University, 1999

E komo mai! (Welcome!) As a programmer and data manager at the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS), I create or configure Web interfaces and services that provide scientific oceanographic data from a variety of sources, including satellite remote sensing, forecast models, and in situ observations (buoys, moorings, gliders, etc.) primarily for the region surrounding Hawaiʻi. Given my background as a geographer and my experience with geographic information systems (GIS) and computer programming, I also work on projects related to online mapping and dynamic data visualization. I enjoy making complex scientific geospatial information easier to access, use, and understand, and strive to bridge the gap between science and the general public.

On a personal note, I'm originally from St. Louis (near historic Route 66), studied music at Stanford University, am an avid jazz and blues fan, love watching soccer ("football") and learning languages (yay, Duolingo!), and live in Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu with my wife Kasey Barton and our two kids. Aloha!

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