OUTLINE - Following the Eagle's Flight: Understanding the books of Carlos Castaneda
Part III.- A Strategy for Perceiving Our True Nature - The Sorcerer's Way.
A. Sorcery
1. Sorcery Explained
2. Types of Sorcerer's
3. History of Sorcery
B. Sorcerer's Way
1. Rational for Sorcerer's Way
2. Teaching the Sorcerer's Way
3. Teacher's for the Sorcerer's Way
C. Entering the Second Attention
1. General Requirements
2. Stopping the World
3. Power Plants
4. Cleaning our Tonal
5. Sorcerer's Blow
6. Storing Power
7. Dreaming
8. Stalking
9. Sorcery Passes(Tensegrity)
10. Getting to the Double
11. Sorcerer's Recollection
12. Losing Human Form
13. Seeing
14. Dangers on the Sorcerer's Path
D. Entering the Third Attention
1. Entering the third attention
E. A Warrior's Life
1. Path With a Heart
2. The Mind/Rational
3. Making Changes
4. Strategy
5. Death as an Advisor
6. Unbending Intent
7. Making Decisions
8. Acting as a Warrior
9. Mood of a Warrior
10. Warrior Emotions
11. Dealing with the World
a. plants and trees
b. animals
c. earth and sun
d. elements
e. time, directions, numbers
12. Strengthening our New Continuity
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