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Origami for Educators: Lesson Plans

Listed below are developed lesson plans for teachers to use to incorporate origami into the classroom.


  • Scholastic provides an instructor reproducible Wonderful Whale (PDF) lesson activity. The activity is targeted towards grades 2 - 3 and introduces students to math concepts.

  • Bill Wagner's Fractions and Paper Folding lesson plan uses origami to teach the concept and properties of fractions. He provides guidelines on how to apply the activity to a variety of grade levels.

  • LearnNC, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education, provides a detailed origami geometry lesson plan targeted towards grades 3 - 5.

Origami Polyhedron

Culture and History:

  • The Allen Memorial Art Museum's Arts of Asia in Reach program has created lesson plans for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum to increase knowledge of Asian cultures through art. The 1,000 Cranes Lesson Plan targeted towards grades 3 - 5 teaches japanese culture and history (the bombing of Hiroshima and the true story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes).

Pattern Diagram of a Completed Origami Crane