Instructor: Jessamyn West
Semester/Year: Summer 2016
Phone: 508­-415-­9074 (texting preferred)
Skype: iamthebestartist
Email: ( forwards to this)
Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30­-2:30 HST & Thursday 12:30­-1:30 & 4:30­-5:30 HST Any other day by appointment (email/skype/phone/Slack)
Time Zone: EDT (five hours later than HST)
Course website:

This session will be broken down into themed weeks, all of which will help prepare students for their final project: an advocacy plan on a subject of the students' choosing, incorporating statistics, stories, research and design. There will be reading and writing assignments every week. All Write assignments are 200-400 word essays about the given prompt(s), sent directly to me. All Share topics will be discussions which take place in the course Slack channel. Topics will go up on Tuesday and students are expected to contribute to the discussion.

This is a textual outline of what the semester will look like. Print syllabus is here. This web page is considered the authoritative syllabus. An email at the beginning of each week will outline the week's work.

Week 1 - Intros, outlines, choosing topics

Week 2 - Research

Week 3 - Assembling Data

  • Make - A list of useful statistics about your own topic, shared with the class on this Google document.
  • Research - Compile a source list for good places to learn about your topic statistically.
  • Read - How to Talk Back to a Statistic (Chapter Ten of How to Lie with Statistics), Action Plan chapter (pp 101-112) from Lankes' Expect more book (on the readings page linked up top)
  • Write - Think of a notable statistic that you remember. It could be one you heard recently. Explain the effect it's had on your thinking about that topic. (submit)
  • Share - We'll share sources that we found in the Research section and also share results of my small "social media survey" which you'll get late Tuesday.

Week 4 - Telling stories

Week 5 - Social Media & Design

  • Make - Infographic about your topic including facts, illustrations AND citations. Copy to this Google Doc. Be sure to include your name!
  • Research - Social media approaches, good, bad, and ugly We may discuss social media approaches on Thursday.
  • Read - Buzzfeed on Snapchat, How to Create Infographics (and resource list) by Library Research Service, A Philosophy of Bold Promotion in Arkansas, How Typography can Save Your Life, Names For Change website
  • Write - Tell me about a non-human (meaning an account representing a brand or service or other larger entity) you have interacted with on social media and the positive and negative aspects of that interaction. Can be an email interaction if you don't have a socialmedia interaction. (submit)
  • Share - We'll discuss how advocacy organizations employ design and social media to create appealing/engaging environments for funders, clients and the public.

Week 6 - Finishing Touches, Peer Review & Evaluation