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Professor of Geology

University of Hawaii at Hilo

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Who I am and What I Do

I love geology because it combines nature, science, and my favorite planet (Earth). My main interests are water (hydrology) and landscapes (geomorphology), and I hold degrees in geoscience (BA, University of Washington) and hydrology (MS, PhD, University of Arizona). I have been teaching at the University of Hawaii at Hilo since 1995. Over the course of my career my research interests have include rainfall-runoff and groundwater modeling, flood forecasting, dam break modeling, nutrient and sediment pollution, watershed management, stream geomorphology, and hazards from volcanic gases.

My current and recent research projects include:

-- Rainfall-runoff modeling of flash floods on Kauai.

-- Hydrologic drought in tropical lowland forests.

-- Flood hazard assessment for catastrophic failure of Hawaiian dams.

-- Sediment and nutrient loads in Island of Hawaii streams.

-- Database management system for environmental monitoring networks.

-- Bed sediment in Hawaii streams and how this relates to climate and aquatic habitats.

-- Modeling of groundwater flows in the Hilo Bay watershed.


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Courses I Teach

Geol 100 and 300. Introductory and Advanced Environmental Earth Science. The energy crisis; mineral, soil, and water resources; hazardous waste and other pollutants; climate change, geologic hazards.

Geol 111. Physical Geology (Understanding Earth). Plate tectonics, hidden secrets of rocks and minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountain building, and erosion.

Geol 195. Grand Canyon Field Trip.

Geol 340. Sedimentary Processes. The where, why and how of sedimentary deposits. How to deduce the environments of the past using sedimentary deposits. Stratigraphy.

Geol 342. Earth Surface Processes (Geomorphology). What are the forces that sculpt of the face of the Earth? What landforms are found across the globe, and how did they form?

Geol 344. Coastal Geology. How do geologic, oceanographic, biologic, and anthropogenic processes shape coastlines? How do people live successfully in the coastal zone and cope with erosion, sea level rise, storms, and tsunami?

Geol 360. Surface Water Hydrology. What happens to rain after it falls? Floods, water supply, hydraulics, hydrologic cycle, water pollution.

Geology 460. Groundwater. Aquifers, principles of groundwater flow; groundwater contamination.

Geol 445. GIS for Geology. Students learn how to capture, store, and analyze earth science data using Geographic Information Systems.

TCBES 642. Physical Environments of Ecosystems. Stream geomorphology, watershed science, wetlands, management issues.


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Selected Publications

Michaud, J., S. Cordell, T.C. Cole, and R. Ostertag. Drought Stress in an Invaded Hawaiian Tropical Wet Lowland Forest. Submitted to Pacific Science.

Fares, A., R. Awal, J. Michaud, P.S. Chu, S. Fares, K. Kodama, and M. Rosener. Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in a Flashy Tropical Watershed Using the Distributed HL-RDHM Model. Submitted to Journal of Hydrology.

Michaud, J. and M.C. Stewart (2012). Stormwater Assessment Pilot Study in the Waiulaula Watershed, West Hawaii (Vol. 1-3). Hawaii Office of Planning, Coastal Zone Management Program. 224 p.


Stewart, M.C., J. Michaud, M. Donoho and O. Smith, (2011). Waiulaula Watershed Management Plan. Mauna Kea Soil and Water Conservation District.

Michaud, J. And T. Wiegner, (2011). Stream Nutrient Concentrations on the Windward Coast of Hawaii Island and Their Relationship to Watershed Characteristics. Pacific Science 65(2):195-217.

Ostertag, B., S. Cordell, J. Michaud, C. Cole, J. Shulten, K. Publico, and J. Enoka, (2009). Ecosystem and restoration consequences of invasive woody species removal in Hawaiian lowland wet forest. Ecosystems 12(3): 503-515.

Goosby, S., A. Chatman, J. Michaud, and D. Kerper, (2008). Dam Break Inundation Study for the State of Hawaii, in Proceedings of the Solutions to Coastal Disasters Congress 2008. ASCE Conf. Proc. 312, 40.

Michaud, J.D., J.P. Michaud, and D. Krupitsky, (2007). Temporal Variability in SO2 Exposures at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, USA. Environmental Geology, 52(1):81-92.

Michaud, J., (2005). Recent Discoveries and New Interpretations of Hawaiian Groundwater Systems, Water Resources Impact, 7(2):10-12.

Michaud, J.D., K. Hirschboeck, and M. Winchell, (2001). Regional Variations in Small-Basin Floods in the United States, Water Resources Research, 37(5): 1405-1416.

Michaud, J., B. Auvine, and O. Penalba, Spatial and elevational variability of summer rainfall in the Southwestern United States, Journal of Applied Meteorology, 34(12):2689-270, 1995.

Michaud, J.D., and S. Sorooshian, (1994a). Effect of rainfall sampling errors on simulations of desert flash floods, Water Resources Research, 30(10): 2765-2775.

Michaud, J.D., and S. Sorooshian,(1994b). Comparison of simple versus complex distributed runoff models on a mid-sized, semi-arid watershed, Water Resources Research, 30(3):593-605, 1994.



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Grand Canyon Trip

Every other spring I take UH-Hilo geology students on a field trip to Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks.







Left to right: Melissa, Dustin, Jake, Jene, Jessica, Lucile. My husband Jon-Pierre took the picture.







Geology Field Trip to Haleakala, Maui







Small explosion at ocean entry of Kilauea lava tube. (May 2008)












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