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Aloha and welcome to John's culminating Portfolio.

Personal Section

  • Why pursue a Masters?

I decided to go back to school this fall of 2009 for my masters in educational technology (M.Ed.).  Why I decided this, I don't know, but I'm enjoying the classes, and looking forward to the program.  As this is the start of the program, I've only produced a couple pieces.  For our 602 class, we are asked to produce several pieces that I consider to be "golden", or examples of the work I've done, or been involved in.  Each piece will contain the work sample, evaluations and comments by both my peers and OTEC faculty.
  • Why this program?

My decision to pursue this particular direction of education, was due the non-traditional approach to learning, as well as the opportunity to learn new techniques in educational technologies that I look forward to applying in my current work setting at UH Hilo, as well as my work at the Pacific Tsunami Museum. www.tsunami.org and other consulting work I do on occasion.

  • My educational philosophy & goals?

  1. I plan to round some rough edges by learning more affective methods of implementing technology to my current tool box.
  2. Personal goals are to create online testing modules for our QUEST field school class, as well as to develop stronger, more affective kiosks.
  3. Become proficient in instructional design
  4. Utilize principles and theories in application design in a professional setting
  5. Apply ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate) methods in an educational settings
  6. Never stop learning!


  • Reflections on the pursuit of a masters...

Two years became three, and now on the final home strecth in this program, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Having not come from a tradional teaching background, I feel I have picked up much and am confident in teaching an online course. Comeback as the spring course continues, and I'll post more on TCC presentation and final reflections! Happy Holidays!. - John Coney



My Resume or CV!

Classes taken to date:

  1. 602 (Fall 2009) Teaching / Training Technologies (Learning to Learn Online), Dr. Menchaca
  2. 600 (Fall 2009) Theories & Practice in Educational Technology, Dr. Ellen Hoffman
  3. 601 (Spring 2010),
  4. 603 (Spring 2010)
  5. 648C (Summer 2010)
  6. 645 (Fall 2010) Designing web based instruction
  7. 663 (Fall 2010) Planning for Technology)
  8. 652B (Spring 2011) Authoring E-learning environments
  9. 632 (Spring 2011) Developing E-learning environments
  10. 687 (Fall 2011) Thesis class part I
  11. 690 (Spring 2012) Thesis part II

Also earning Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT)


Project 1

Link to Project 1

September, 2009, ETEC-602:
Project title: Understanding Personalities, using the attaining concepts model
Members: Joann Fifield, Myla Gumayagay, John Coney

Link to Project 2 Case study;
Recomendation for a comprehensive analysis

Link to Project 3 Designing Web-Based Instruction <http://etec645.ning.com/profile/JConey>

Link to Project 4
Asynchronous Resource SItes:

Link to Project 5 - Marine Species 101

Link to Project 6 ETEC-632
Iphone 101 (laulima site)
iPhone 101 (weebly)

Link to Project 7 ETEC-652B - SEM Sample prep Flash site

Link to Project 8 ETEC-652B - Flash modules teaching species ID's

Project 9 - ETEC 687
(project in production, stay tuned)


Also, come back often, as this site promises to grow as I pursue my masters in education at UH Manoa OTEC program.
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For more information on this distance education program, please visit http://etec.hawaii.edu/omed/