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Upcoming Events - Spring 2013

-Feb. 25th (Mon)
[4:30-6pm] 3rd General Meeting (Kuy 304)

-March 2nd (Sat)
[tentative] Honolulu Parade Volunteer Training Session

Mar. 3rd (Sun)
[10AM] Ritsumekan Gift Exchange! (Japanese Gardens behind Imin Center)
[tentative] Honolulu Festival Parade Volunteer

-Mar. 6th (Wed)
[12-3:30PM] Josai International University Lunch/Campus Tour

-Mar. 11th (Mon)
[4:30-6pm] 4th General Meeting (Kuy 304)

-Mar. 25th (Mon)
[4:30-6pm] 5th General Meeting (Kuy 304)

-Apr. 8th (Mon)
[4:30-6pm] 6th General Meeting (Kuy 304)

-Apr. 22th (Mon)
[4:30-6pm] 7th General Meeting (Kuy 304)

JCC Officers Meeting
Moore Hall 254
Every Other Monday at 6:00 PM


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