ICS 665 Class Notetaker on January 30th

Comments on the above applet
  1. Defferent layouts of Applets among machines because of different OS (In particular, Win95 and Sun Microsystems)
  2. Proper layout managers can design buttons better by font size and reshape
  3. Instead of many buttons, "choice" is better
  4. Also, use another pop windows like dialog box
  5. Use switch of the sound or volumn control
  6. "Help" button is necessary

Comments on general design of applets
  1. Define Design Principles before Implementation of the Program
  2. Choose Priorities
  3. Define Audiences
  4. Structure of Design -- Substurcture to reduce complex of design
  5. Set the default value :
    Defaults hierarchy
    • Always the frequently used one
    • The last used
    • One not used before
    • The one used won't often
  6. Visually group together
  7. Good combination of the web page with HTML and Java Applet