JavaFX At Crossroads

At JavaOne last week, Oracle announced that (as I understand it):

  1. JavaFX will go forward
  2. JavaFX 2.0 will be released in 2011 Q3
  3. The work on JavaFXScript language will be discontinued, at least will not be continued at Oracle
  4. JavaFX will be accessible via regular Java APIs
  5. Work on JavaFX for cell phones will be discontinued, too.
  6. JavaFX 1.3.1 incl. JavaFXScript will be still available.

See the following links for the related announcements:

On the other hand, there is an outside support for continuing work on JavaFXScript by the developer community. The sequel to JavaFXScript will be called Visage. See:

What does it mean for our 465 course:

Finally, let me cite from a blog by Richard Blair, the main guy behind JavaFX 2.0: