ICS 211

Intro to Computer Science II
Spring 2012

For all lecture-related questions, comments, etc., email to "janst AT hawaii DOT edu"

For all questions related to homework, programming, debugging, etc., email the TA's responsible for your section

Lecture Dr. Jan Stelovsky

Monday, Wednesday 10:30-11:45

MSB 114
Lab Section 1, CRN 85276 Anthony Christe Wednesday, Friday 12:00-1:15 POST 319 www2.hawaii.edu/~achriste/211
Lab Section 2, CRN 85277 Julie Motooka Wednesday, Friday 12:00-1:15 POST 318A www2.hawaii.edu/~motookaj/211
Lab Section 3, CRN 88803 Anthony Christe Wednesday, Friday 1:30-2:45 POST 319 www2.hawaii.edu/~achriste/211
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Dr. Jan Stelovsky

Monday 12-1 & by

POST 305C janst AT hawaii DOT edu havajsky

TA: Julie Motooka
Section 002

Tuesday 4-5 & by

POST 304-1 juliem970 AT gmail DOT com  

TA: Anthony Christe
Sections 001, 003

Monday 1:30-2:30
& by appointment

POST 303-5 achriste AT hawaii DOT edu  


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