{revised 6.24.05, 5.23.06}

How to Save a File as Text-Only (or *.RTF)


Note: If you're using Microsoft Word, you don't need to do this. If you're using some other word-processing program (Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, WordPad, Claris Works, etc.), then these steps are essential.


1. In your word-processing program, after you've written your paper and are ready to save it to disk, click on the "save as" option instead of "save."




2. In the drop-down window that appears, click on "text only" or "text." If these options don't appear, then click on "rich text format" ("RTF"), "text document," or "ASCII."




3. Type in the file name of your paper. For our review drafts (RDs) and final drafts (FDs), we're using the first two letters of our first name, the first two letters of our last name, the assignment number, and the draft version. For example, for the first RD, the title of John Doe's paper would be jodo1rd.txt. For the third FD, the filename would be jodo3fd.txt.



4. When submitting your Review Drafts (RDs) and Final Drafts (FDs) via WebCT, be sure to select the file with the "txt" or "rtf" extension. For information on how to submit your drafts in WebCT, go to Our Class Webpage.