[updated 1.9.06, 7.10.06]

How to Submit Your RD in WebCT


1. Go to our WebCT page.


2. Click on Communication Tools.


3. Click on Discussions.


4. Locate the RD submission forum. For example, if you're submitting RD2 (Review Draft #2), click on RD2 Submissions.


5. On the Compose Discussion Message page, click on Compose message.


6. In the Subject line, type in your name and the RD number, for example, Jim's RD2.


7. In the Message box, type a brief message, e.g., Here's my RD2.


8. Next to the Attachments box, click on Browse.


9. In the Browse window, which displays the files on your computer, locate your RD2 and click on it. The title of the file will appear in the Attachments window.


10. Click on Attach file and Post. That's it!


11. Important! Remember that you are responsible for making sure that your drafts have been uploaded. Review your message to make sure that the attachment has been successful. Return to the RD submission forum and click on your message. If you don't see the attachment, you may need to refresh or reload the browser screen.


12. If you are unable to attach your file, copy and paste it into your message:


How to Copy and Paste:

To copy a file in MS Word, first, open the file in Word. In the toolbar at the top of the screen:

1. Click on EDIT and SELECT ALL.

2. Click on EDIT and COPY.

To paste the file into your WebCT discussion post:

1. Place the cursor in the Message: window.

2. Press CONTROL + V to paste the text in your message.


Don't rely on this copy and paste method for all your RDs. Learn to attach your files ASAP.