COMMENT MEANINGFULLY. You'll be asked throughout the semester to comment on classmates' ideas and drafts. Although any comment is better than none, a meaningful, helpful comment is invaluable. It shows that you've read and thought about the student's ideas and you sincerely want to help him/her. As a rule, avoid general comments such as "Good ideas." Students will quickly learn to differentiate between those who post helpful comments and those who are superficial. They will respond in kind. For those who are helpful, they will take the time to suggest concrete ways to improve. For those who obviously don't seem to care, they will send equally meaningless replies. If you're not receiving helpful comments, it may be because you're not giving useful suggestions in your own reviews. Sometimes, a lack of specific suggestions from classmates is an indication that your performance is flawless. If you suspect that this is happening to you, email them and ask for suggestions to further strengthen your work. Remind them that all performances can be improved even when they seem to be perfect.