{revised 7-10-06}

How to Refresh or Reload Your Web Screen


In Explorer, click on the REFRESH icon circled below.



In other Web browsers, look for a similar icon.


An alternative is to click on VIEW and REFRESH.




If these options don't work -- and sometimes they don't in WebCT -- then try one or more of the following:


1. Mouse reload: While on the webpage, move the cursor to an unlinked area and click on the right button. Next, in the window that pops open, click on REFRESH.



2. In Explorer: Hold the control key down and press F5.


3. In other browsers:


Hold the SHIFT and CONTROL keys down and press "R".


Hold the SHIFT key down and click on the REFRESH icon.


One of these methods should do the trick. If not, then email me at jamess@hawaii.edu.