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Sample ENG 100 Papers



Patricia A. DiBucci, "Forming New Lines" (Summer 2007)

Karla Talavera, "Beauty in a Hippopotamus" [Summer 2006]

Marilyn Hashisaka, "Apples of Eden" [Summer 2004]

Kara Kuba, "To Feel a Thunderstorm" [Summer 2003]

Bree Masagatani, "Beauty Within a Blanket" [Summer 2003]

Catherine Kawada, "Beauty Discovered Through a Blind Date " [Spring 2003]

Rebecca M. Fleischmann, "Baking Memories" [Summer 2002]

Malia Yoshioka, "Once Upon a Thanksgiving Day" [Fall 2001]

Lesli Lavarias, "Old Foam Memories" [Summer 2001]

Mitzie Rivers, "Mitzie's Misshapen Gardenia" [Summer 2001]

Nicholle S. L. Konanui, "Living in Harmony with the Land" [Summer 2000]

Angela Her, "Plunging at the Break of Dawn" [Spring 2000]

Deana Warner, "Mattie" [Spring 2000]

Marcy Rosewall, "Rainy Day Surprise" [Spring 1999]

Elysia Guardado, "From Girl to Woman" [Spring 1999]

Own Lee, "The Beauty of Hunting" [Spring 1996]

Shawnna Schultz, "Cartwright's Dream" [Spring 1996]



Lori Admiral, "The American Global Awareness Program" [Fall 1999]




Miriam Karratti, "My Father, My Hero" [Fall 2001]

Shannyn Yasui, "No Ordinary Grandfather" [Summer 2000]

Angela Her, "Fishy Kids" [Summer 2000]

Shawnna Schultz, "A Few Extra Dollars" [Spring 1996]