{updated 9.19.05, 8.18.06}

How to Send an Email Message to Classmates

via WebCT or MyUH






1. Click on Communication Tools.


2. Click on Mail.


3. Click on Compose Message.


4. To insert an email address (or addresses), click on Browse next to the Send to box.


5. On the Select Recipients page, click on the name of the classmate you want to contact. If more than one, hold the control-key down and click on the next student's name, etc. You can do this for as many names as you want. (If the names are in consecutive order, place the cursor on the first name, hold the shift-key down, and press the cursor key until all the names you want are highlighted.)


6. After you've highlighted the recipient(s), click on Select. All the names selected will be listed in the Send to box, separated by commas.


7. Fill in the Subject box. Be as specific as possible.


8. Compose your message.


9. If you want to add an attachment, click on Browse and locate the file on your PC. Click on the file and it will appear in the Attachments box. Next, click on Attach file.


10. Click on Send. That's it!






[Important: This option is for ENG 100 only; this won't work for ENG 215W because we've combined two sections.]


1. Go to MyUH portal at http://myuhportal.hawaii.edu/cp/home/loginf


2. Log in using your hawaii.edu username and password.


3. In your list of classes, click on our class.


4. On the Course Homepage, click on E-mail in the navigation window on the left.


5. A list of students in our class will appear.


6. Click the boxes next to the names of classmates you wish to contact.


7. Click on Send E-mail.


8. DON'T fill in the TO line.


9. Fill in the Enter Subject and Enter Message boxes.


10. Click on Save a copy to 'Sent' folder.


11. Click on Send.