{revised 7.10.06}

How to Mail Your FD1 to Me (Jim) as an Attachment


1. In WebCT, click on Communication Tools.


2. Click on Mail.


3. Click on Compose message.


4. Click on Browse to locate my (Jim's) email address.


5. Click on my name and Select.


6. In the Subject line, type your name + FD1, e.g.,  John's FD1.


7. In the Message window, type a brief note, e.g., Here's my FD1.


8. Below the Message window, click on Browse to locate your FD1, which is on your PC. Be sure to use the filenaming convention suggested in the 8-point checklist: first 2 letters of your first name + the first two letters of your last name + the assignment number + "fd" for "final draft." For example, Joan Smith's filename would be josm1fd.doc.


9. Click on Attach file. This is a critical step. If you skip it, your attachment will fail.




10. Important! Remember that you are responsible for making sure that your FDs have been attached. After going through the steps above and before clicking on send, review your message to make sure that the attachment has been successful. If you see the warning "There are no files attached," you'll need to repeat steps 8 and 9 above.



11. Click on Send.


12. If the above process fails and you are unable to attach your file, copy and paste it into your message:


How to Copy and Paste:

To copy a file in MS Word, first, open the file in Word. In the toolbar at the top of the screen:

1. Click on EDIT and SELECT ALL.

2. Click on EDIT and COPY.

To paste the file into your WebCT mail:

1. Place the cursor in the Message: window.

2. Press CONTROL + V to paste the text in your message.


Don't rely on this copy and paste method for all your FDs. Learn to attach your files ASAP.