Tentative Overview of ENG 215 Assignments

(This is the summer 2007 schedule. Please stand by for the summer 2008 version.)

(updated 2.22.08)

Assignments -- including dates, readings, and topics -- may vary to accommodate topical

issues, special student interests, and other contingencies. Be sure to review this page regularly.


Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4/Final Exam

Paper 5/Report







June 29

(last day of instr)

Due June 25-29

Intro to Argumentation: Gender Issues

Persuasion: Ethics

(claims, evidence)


Freedom of Speech

Individual Rights vs. Common Good

Leadership Report

Topic: Women between adolescence and menopause experience trauma in adjusting to their role as a woman.

Sample Topic: You've been invited to deliver a speech to the spring 2009 Kapi'olani Community College graduating class. Your general topic is "honesty.

Sample Topic: Under the First Amendment, people such as Ward Churchill have the right to publish and express ideas that may be considered in poor taste or traitorous.

 Sample Topic:

The Kamehameha Schools trustees and U.S. District Judge vs. Brayden Mohica-Cummings

Topic and Title:

What Have I Done to Provide Leadership in This Class?


Brief written report, 100 - 1000 words.

Chap. 1-4, 11

+ additional readings

Chap. 5, 9

+ pp. 278-303

+ additional readings


Chap. 6, 7

+ additional readings

Readings TBA