Editorial Advisory Board's Member of

Columnist for

 ■  Session Chair of International Conference on Marketing Studies, ICMS (Bangkok 2012)

 ■ Online Information Review (MBC University Press); (2000-present)

 ■ Online Information Review: Savvy Searching (1999-present)

■  Serve on the Program Committee for 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, ICADL (2012)

 ■ Konyvtari figyelo : Library Review (National Szechenyi Library); (1982-present)

 ■ GaleNet:
Peter's Digital Reference Shelf (1999-2010)

 ■  Member of the Program Committee for the 6 - 12th International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (Kuala Lumpur 2003, Shanghai 2004, Bangkok 2005, Kyoto 2006, Hanoi 2007, Bali 2008, Gold Coast 2010)

 ■ Electronic Resources Review (Reference Reviews) (MBC University Press); (1997-present)

 ■ Online:
Peter's Picks and  Pans (2001-2009)

 ■  Exam Area Coordinator (Information Storage and Retrieval)  of the Information Systems & Services Doctoral Program (2003-present)

 ■ Tudomanyos es Muszaki Tajekoztatas: Hungarian Library and Information Science Abstracts (OMIKK); (1983-2005)

Information Today:
Internet Insights (1998-2004)

 ■  Peer-reviewer for Journal of American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIS&T), Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST), Online Information Review, Scientometrics, Journal of Information Science, Journal of Informatics (2000 -present)

 ■ Library Computing (SAGE Publications, Inc.); (1999-2000)

 ■ Computers in Libraries:
Digital Librarianship (2000-2003)

 ■  Member of the Tenure and Promotion Review Committee, University of Hawaii (2003-2004, 2008, 2011, 2012)

Hearing officer in tenure denial case. (2007)

 ■ Online/CD-ROM Review (Learned Information, Inc.); (1991-2000)

 ■ Information World Review (2000)

 ■  Program Chair for Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawaii (2000-2002; 2009-2010)

 ■ Third World Libraries (Rosary College); (1989-1996)

 ■ Link-Up:
Free versus Fee-Based Databases (1995-2000)

 ■  Member of H. W. Wilson Advisory Board (1994 - present)

 ■ Revista Espanola de Documentacion Cientifica y Tecnica (ICYT); (1986-1995)

■  Information Today:
CD/DVD Commentaries (1992-1999)

 ■  Member of Dow Jones MLS Advisory Board (2001 - 2002)

 ■ Information Development (Mansell Publishing Ltd.); (1985-1995)


 ■  Member of the Organizing and Reviewing Committee for NOM Annual  Conference (2000)

  ■ Infomediary (North Holland Publishing Company); (1989-1993)


 ■  NOM Annual Conference Track Leader, Organizer and Chair: Web Searching & Search Engines (1999)



 ■  ASIS Annual Conference Track Coordinator:  Knowledge Dissemination (1999)



 ■  Member of the JCR Advisory Group of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI); (1997- 2004)



 ■  Special Libraries Association Faculty Liaison for SLA Hawaii Student Chapter (1994 - 2003)



 ■  Member of the Organizing and Reviewing Committee for Computers in Libraries Conference (1997)



 ■  Member of the Panel of Judges for the UMI Excellence in Writing Award (1994)



 ■  Member of the Judging Committee for the  IAC Information Authorship Award (co-sponsored by Information Access Company and Online Inc.); (1993)



 ■  Member of the Unesco Ad Hoc Committee on Education and Training of Information Professionals (1986-1988)