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EContent 23(4) August/September, 2000 


Ghost town in  the Population Demographics Database

Why would ZIP code be assigned to areas where no one lived or is projected to live?

Why would census be taken of such areas?
There are nearly 6,000 such records in this expensive database.

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Do they take census of singletons?

It must be hard to live alone in North Slope, AK 99721. 
The money is not that great.
You may pass time wondering why and how they calculate median household income for singleton.

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Loneliness and cold take their toll

Either the child left North Slope, AK 99721 and a single adult came between 1990 and 1998 or
The toddler had accelerated aging under such conditions to become a 45-54 year old adult.

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Still, population by 2003 is projected to be 100% up

There will be two inhabitants by 2003.
Two toddlers that is.
Perhaps the census taker and the lonely resident hit it off at the 1998 census and procreated twins.
But will they really hit the road and leave the kids alone by 2003?
Child Protection Services will make a call, too.


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