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See my original Péter's Picks and Pans Column: Free Internet Encyclopedia. 
EContent 23(3), June/July, 2000. 


The computer science background of Mr. Davis  and the library science degree of Ms. Fincannon  could be a good combo to bring about impressive results.


Thanks for sharing.
As for the spelling "hazzard", perhaps a good spell-checker would have reduced the typo blizzard. The misspellings are indeed excessive, but did not prevent hundreds of Web users from recommending this "encyclopedia" by linking to this site.


Fellow Web guide enthusiast Dr. Jerry Adams is so pleased with the Free Internet Encyclopedia that he lists it three times under the Encyclopedia category (Davis Encyclopedia, Free Internet Encyclopedia, and Macropedia Encyclopedia (shown on the next slide).
Under the Davis Encyclopedia name it proudly shows the star symbol of special excellence. I can't help wondering why the same symbol does not appear next to the other two aliases of this resource.



It's not so funny that the free Britannica site did not deserve star rating. Neither did the free Concise Encarta Encyclopedia. I venture to say that both of them are a tad worthier than the Free Internet Encyclopedia.
Dr Adams warns of the misspellings of the name, Britannica.


Obviously, Dr. Adams did not notice this  misspelling right on the first page of the award winner.
This is not the only typo on the first page.
That devilish abalone slips through the spell checker three times as abolone. True, it is spelled correctly two times.

Click here to see the whole screen shot!


The last pages are not too encouraging either. Neither are the ones in between. 

The first name of Zola is Émile, and the link to the French language site may not be the most useful for the overwhelming majority of users. 
The real bad news just will start on the very last page.
Inclusion of hundreds of trivial words, omission of important ones like zodiac, zither, zakat (one of the 5 pillars of Islam), zooplankton, and personalities like Zeppelin, triple Olympic medalist Zatopek, and famous directors like Zukor, Zeffirelli or Zinneman (From Here to Eternity). Zeus would  thunder for having been omitted, too. 




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