Review Extras

These are annotated screen shots and figures to enhance and complement some of the print-only articles, to provide or illustrate my points that text alone may  not do sufficiently. The title links refer to the original articles. The full text is not reproduced here but a simple bibliographic citation is provided on the first screen of the linked page. You need to get the articles themselves from the library, the publisher, the publisher's Web-site or one of the full-text databases that you have access to.

      Google Scholar's Hall of Shame (March, 2012)
      Metadata Mega Mess in Google Scholar  (Feb, 2010)
      Calculating the h-index from GS with the PoP software. (Dec, 2009)
      Analysis: Google Scholar’s Ghost Authors, Lost Authors, and Other Problems (Sep, 2009)
      The Pros and Cons of Computing the H-index Using Google Scholar (Sep, 2008)
      Cuil Ranking Result - Duplicates, Triplicates, Quadruplicates  Gale - Peter's Reference Shelf (July, 2008)
      Computing the H-index Using Google Scholar  (Apr, 2008)
      The Synergy of Federated Searching and Clustering (presentation at 2007 ALA MidWinter Forum)
      Google Scholar, the mis-matchmaker - Excerpt from Southeast Asian Lecture Tour June, 2006

Proxy Search for Booklist reviews in Amazon (June, 2006) 

UKSG Closing Plenary Session: Puppy love versus reality: The illiteracy, innumeracy, phantom hit counts

and citation counts  of Google Scholar  (April 2006)

Garfield at Eighty - Unabridged version of the contribution published by The Scientist  (Jan, 2006) 

Relevance in the eye of the search software (Dec, 2005)  

Google Scholar and The Scientist   (Oct, 2005)

Informed and Underinformed Librarians (Sep, 2005)

Thoughts about Federated Searching  (Oct, 2004) 

Google's Index to Scholarly Publishers' Archive - A Dark Matter (June, 2004) (June, 2004)

AW, Look What They've Done to the Booklist Reviews, Ma'    (April, 2004)

The Future of Citation Indexing - Interview with Dr. Eugene Garfield   (January, 2004)

Cheers and Jeers for 2003 (December, 2003)

The Lemon Award for Oscar Databases (December, 2003)

AW, Look What They’ve Done to Our Links, Ma (April, 2003)

PubSCIENCE - R.I.P. (November, 2002)

The Mirage of Prestige (May, 2002)

Digital Copyright and 'Copywrong' (May, 2002)

Who's Inaccurate? - The sciBASE Debate  (February, 2002)

Scirus - for scientific information only ... and then some  (June, 2001)

Jacso re corrections in Awesome Library (March, 2001)

Coverage of Electronic Journals in LIS Databases  (April, 2001)

The Reference - another "encyclopedia" on a lunch break  (March, 2001)

Bon Appétit, but check out the kitchen first  (March, 2001)

Software makes LookSmart LookDumb  (January, 2001)

Database Source Coverage: Myth and Reality  (December, 2000)

Endangered Database Species  (December, 2000)

Journal Base of Databases  (July, 2000)

Davis Free Internet Encyclopedia  (June, 2000)

Update on the Currency of ISA  (June, 2000)

Weird Data in the Pricey Population Demographics Database  (May, 2000)

Did You Really Say That? (Gaffes in OED Reviews);  (May, 2000)

Genealogy of  the Oxford English Dictionary  (May, 2000)

Silent Partners  (May, 2000)

The Number Game : Not So Funny (about the JCR Impact factor);  (April, 2000)



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