Stephen Y. Itoga

3015 Kahaloa Drive

Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

wk: (808) 956-9639 hm:(808) 988‑6414


                                                      Research Activities

My current research interests include computer graphics and animation and graphical database systems. I have published papers in the areas of graphical databases, expert systems, intelligent tutoring systems, theory of algorithms, operations research, and formal language theory. One of my current research interests is the extension of database query languages to support computer graphics and animation information. Currently I am involved with information technology applications related to the establishment of the Academy for Creative Media, bioinformatics, and campus and system wide distance learning activities.



PhD    (System Science)        University of California at Los Angeles, 1973

MS      (Aerospace)               Cornell University, 1966

BS       (Engr. Physics)                      Cornell University, 1965


                                                     Employment History

University of Hawaii

           I hold the rank of Professor in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, where I have been working full time since 1975. I am on the graduate faculty for the Communication and Information Sciences PhD program. The following list describes some of my current research and teaching efforts:

           Chairperson of the Manoa Distance Learning Committee

           Member of the UH Distance Learning Advisory Committee

           Bioinformatics Core leader for the Hawaii INBRE Program (NIH)

           Internal Advisor for the UHM Research Centers in Minority Institutions (NIH)


Current National Academic Activities

National Science Foundation Panels (Cyber Service, SBIR-Information Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Science Learning Center Site Visit)

Information Technology Accreditation – ABET/CSAB (Program evaluator)

Oak Ridge National Labs –Research Alliance in Math and Science


Previous Industrial Experience:

Microsoft Faculty Advisory Board (2003-2004)

Hewlett Packard Exploring Systems Earth Consortium (1986-1989)

           Naval Ocean Systems Center (1984): cargo loading expert system

           Fairchild Test Systems (1981-1982): database system for VLSI test stations.

           Boeing Aerospace Company (1980): Inertial Upper Stage program for the space shuttle.

           TRW Defense Systems (1966-1975): satellite navigation, and guidance problems.

Past Grants for Research:

           National Science Foundation

           National Institute of Health

           U.S. Agency for International Development

           U.S. Department of Agriculture

           U.S. Army Research Office

           U.S. Air Force

           Office of Naval Research



           American Men and Women of Science

           Tau Beta Pi

Commercial Products


Frogs in Space, Educational Consultant and Science Advisor, produced by Computer Visualizations Inc., HI., marketed by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1994.


Revealed treasures, Educational Consultant and Science Advisor, produced by Computer Visualizations Inc., HI., marketed by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1994.


                                           Software Products for Distribution


           Itoga, S.Y., C.L. Chia, R.S. Yost, R. Mau, Professor Papaya, 1990. This is an expert system to handle papaya management problems. Beta versions have been used by classes, extension specialists, and agriculture scientists.


           Yost, R.S., S. Itoga, Z. Li, ADSS: Acidity Decision Support System, 1990. This is an expert system to manage soil acidity problems. Versions of this product have been distributed to over 100 agriculture scientists and specialists.


                                        Software Products not for Distribution


           Itoga, S.Y., K. Bridges, L. Frederick, R.I. Uyeda, The AI Microscope & Scan Gallery, 1988. As part of the Exploring Systems Earth Consortium system, this effort was judged by Hewlett Packard to be one of their top ten noteworthy grants.





           Yost, R.S., S. Itoga, Z. Li, C. Colfer, A. Le Istiqlal, P. Kilham, J. Hansen, Expert systems for information transfer about soil and crop management in developing countries Mann, C., and S. Ruth, editors, Expert Systems in Developing Countries: Practices and Promises, Westview Press, Boulder, CO., 1992, pp. 115-126.


           Itoga, S.Y., Chia, C.L., Yost, R.S., Mau, R.F.L., PROPA: A papaya management expert system, Knowledge-Based Systems, vol. 3(3), 1990, pp. 163-169.


           Itoga, S.Y., K. Bridges, L. Frederick, R.I. Uyeda, The AI microscope learning environment, J. Educational Technology Systems, vol. 18(1), 1989-90, pp. 3-14.


           Itoga, S.Y., A probabilistic version of the stable marriage problem, BIT, vol. 23, 1983, pp.161‑169.


           Itoga, S.Y., A generalization of the stable marriage problem, J. Opl. Res. Soc., vol. 32, 1981, pp.1069‑1074.


           Itoga, S.Y., The string merging problem, BIT, vol. 21, 1981, pp.20‑30.

          Itoga, S.Y., A new heuristic for inferring regular grammars, IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Machine Intell., vol. PAMI‑3, no. 2, 1981, pp.191‑197.


          Itoga, S.Y., The upper bound for the stable marriage problem, J. Opl. Res. Soc., vol. 19, no. 8, 1978, pp.811‑814.


           Itoga, S.Y., Comparing language operations, Math. Systems Theory, vol. 10, 1977, pp.305‑321.


           D.A. Conrad and Itoga, S.Y., Role of correlations in navigation satellite error analysis, J. Spacecraft and Rockets, vol. 6, no. 4, 1969, pp.476‑478.


                                                       Conference Papers


           Itoga, Stephen, X. Ke, and Y. Liu, An Object-Oriented Uncertainty Retrieval Approach for Graphical Databases, 7th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, August, 1997, pp. 683-686.


           Ke, Xiangdong and S. Itoga, A Multimedia Retrieval Approach for Graphical Images and Animation, Manufacturing Agility and Hybrid Automation - I, Koubek, R., and W. Karwowski, editors, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing, IEA Press, Kentucky, 1996, pp. 196-199.


           Liu, Ya and S. Itoga, A Graphic Database Query Language, Proceedings of the 1995 Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems, Knowledge Systems Institute, 1995, pp. 68-75.


           Liu, Ya and S. Itoga, An Interface for Graphics Retrieval, Tang Rongxi, Chief Editor, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer-Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing Technology, International Academic Publishers, Beijing, PRC, 1994, Vol. 1, pp. 123-126.


           Liu, Ya and S. Itoga, Indexing and Retrievaing Spatial Temporal Relations in Graphics Databases, Robotics and Manufacturing, Jamshidi, M. , Nguyen C., Lumia, R., and J. Yuh, editors, Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Robotics and Manufacturing, ASME Press Series, NY., 1994, pp. 613-617.


           Itoga, S. and J. Yuh, editors, Proceedings of ISCA: International Conference on

Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, December, 1993, ISBN:1‑880843‑07‑2.


           Itoga, S, New directions in expert systems research, Proceedings of the TropSoils Workshop: Phosphorus Decision Support System, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, March 11-12, 1992, pp.155-161.


           Chia, C.L., R.S. Yost, S. Itoga, R. Mau, and B. Kim, Developing an Expert System for Papaya Management Using Prolog, 84th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Horticultural Science, Orlando, Florida, 1987.


           Yost, R.S., S. Itoga, and G. Uehara, Applications of Expert Systems to Soil Management, Agri-Mation 2 Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 1986.


           Yost, R.S., S. Itoga, Z. Li, P. Kilham, Soil Acidity Management with Expert Systems, Proceedings of the IBSRAM Asian Regional Seminar on Soil Acidity, Land Clearing, and vertisols, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, 1986.


           Yost, R.S., S. Itoga, Z. Li, P. Kilham, Applications of Expert Systems to Soil Management in the Tropics, American Society of Agronomy Meetings, New Orleans, LA., 1986.



                                           Invited Talks & Panel Discussions


           1996 Technology for the Field Naturalist - Internationalizing Field Research, Sponsored by Republic of China - National Science Council, Biology Promotion Center, Keelung, Taiwan, March 25-29, 1996.

           Research and Development of Distributed Multimedia Systems in the Pan Pacific Region, 1995 Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems, April 1, 1995, Honolulu, HI.

           Localizing Software for Other Languages & Cultures, Hawaii International Software Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, November 19, 1991.

           The Role of Expert Systems Technology in Aquaculture Development, Workshop on Milkfish Fry Production Technology, Gondol, Bali, Indonesia, Dec. 7, 1989.


                                                         UH Foundation Grant

Fred & Annie Chan Foundation                                                       1999                          $250,000





Non University Funded Grants


System or statewide initiatives:

INBRE                                                                      NIH                2004-2012     $21,000,000

EPSCOR                                                                   NSF                2003-2006     $9,000,000



Individual projects:

Itoga                                                                         USAF              2000               $125,000

Support for the Next Generation Internet Program

Itoga                                                                         USAF              98                   $25,000

Support for the Radar Modernization Program

Yuh, Ghasemi-Nejhad, Itoga, Sarkar, Sugihara           ONR               97-99             $2,250,000

Development of a Semi-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Intervention Missions

Itoga, Yuh                                                                Seagrant          95-96             $9, 500

Intelligent Virtual Reality and Animation Database Technologies Applied to Marine Environmental Studies

Bridges, Itoga                                                            Eisenhower     94-95             $ 12,165

New Media & New Technology

Kim, Nejhad, Itoga, Yuh                                                      NSF                94-97             $460,000

Virtual Rapid Prototyping System for Piezoelectric Micro Systems

Itoga, Brock, Coleman                                                         USDA             91-95             $ 74,975

Expert System Disease Module for Hawaiian Aquaculture

Itoga, Chia, Yost, Mau, Riha                                     NSF                89-91             $ 90,000

Interactive Inter‑disciplinary Expert Systems Development Environments         

Chia, Yost, Mau, Itoga                                                         USDA             86-89             $110,600

Papaya Management Expert System

Bridges, Itoga                                                            US Dept of Ed 86-87             $ 23,814

Networking Science Teachers to Enhance Instructional Abilities

Yost, Itoga, and others           Expert Systems

Alley Cropping                                                        US/AID           89-90             $ 30,000

Phosphorus                                                             US/AID           88-90             $100,000

Liming                                                                                US/AID           86-88             $ 60,000

Acid 4                                                                     US/AID           84-86             $ 60,000

Yost, Itoga, and others                                             Hawaii Dept of Ag     87-90             $ 60,000

Expert System on Chemical Contamination

Itoga                                                                         PICHTR         85                   $ 3,839

Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion




Itoga                                                             Hawaii Dept of Ed      85-92             $280,000

Summer Program for the Enhancement of Basic Education

Itoga                                                                         GTE               84                   $ 7,000

Feasibility study for a knowledge-based system for the GTD-5EAX

Non University Funded Equipment and Software Grants


Itoga                                                  Dell Computer Corp              2005               $350,000

Itoga                                                  CORE Systems                      2004               $21,672

Itoga                                                  Sony                                      2001   100-Playstation developers systems

Itoga                                                  Microsoft Instructional Lab   2000               $90,100

Itoga                                                  IBM (Blue Hawaii)                 2000               $2,119,000

Itoga                                                  IBM S/390 University Prgm  1999               membership   

Itoga                                                  Oracle Academic Alliance      1997               $10,000,000

Yuen, Yamauchi, Itoga                       Hewlett-Packard                    96                   $399,340

Itoga                                                  Autodesk                               96                   $ 15,000

Itoga, Yuh                                          Autodesk                               95                   $ 15,000

Corbett, Itoga                                    Digital Equipment Corp.        94                   $ 15,000

Software Engineering and Computer Graphics

Itoga, Bridges                                     Wavefront Technologies       91                   $350,000

Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics

Itoga, Bridges                                     Apple Corp                           90                   $ 15,000

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (with U Mass at Amherst)

Itoga, Bridges                                     Hewlett Packard Corp                       86-89             $200,000

Exploring Systems Earth Consortium (one of the top ten HP noteworthy grants)

Itoga                                                             Texas Instruments     87                   $ 2,950

Personal Consultant Plus