My friendship with Tom went way back to the early 80s. I was a refugee while Tom was a UN English & US Culture and Orientation teacher. He was an OK guy. He was and is very different - in good sense - from many. He got a good control of his diet, which is vegetarian, and his body movement, the yoga. He and I have spent a lot of time together in Hawaii.

This was taken in the PRPC, the Philippines, in 1982.

The picture below shows how both of us look 16 years later.

What Tom has been doing lately:

Computer Applications Class teacher, Chaminade University and Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu 1996 /1997/1998

In this course students are taught the skills they will need to produce reports, spreadsheets, and databases in their university and professional careers. Applications include Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. The emphasis is on hands-on production skills. Students are also introduced to the Internet.

Writer, Thailand 1994-95

Wrote four novel-length books.

Computer Liaison Officer for the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), 1993

Worked with 17 electoral trainers as the in-house computer consultant and graphics designer. Produced training materials to illustrate voting procedures. Designed voting ballot that was reproduced eight-million times for the election.

Data entry Supervisor for UNTAC, 1992

In charge of training 240 data entry clerks. Clerks were taught how to enter voter registration data and query the database in a UNIX-based system consisting of 90 terminals tied to a minicomputer. At the completion of training, supervised 80 data entry clerks who entered data of the 4.8 million people registered to vote in the 1993 UN-supervised election.

Computer Analyst for UNTAC, Cambodia, 1992

One of two computer analysts working under the chief programmer in a project to gather statistical information for the election. Duties included daily database entry and retrieval, inventory control, report writing, training, and computer troubleshooting and maintenance.

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