Thus They Told Us
Told by Mike Alex
Thus They Told Us

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Gu tsukdu, łuq'u tsukdu k'a nch'uk'a łu qit'aydeshni hugh.
This story, I do not seem to know all of this story.

Gudeh Ułchena k'eghun t'gheł'an. (Gudeh Tutl'uh hch'anidatl'.)
Around here the Alutiiq made war. They came out from here at 'rear water' [Turnagain Arm].

Gudih hnidatl' ch'u daha k'a qighila.
They came around here and they were somewhere.

Dinłenh [Dena'ina yunit ghu] yetsałi. K'tsałq'a nich'tudelashi dughu q'ahdinset.
By the current [upstream of the Dena'ina settlement at Campbell Point] someone was chopping.They realized that chips from a chopping place were drifting downstream.

Hełch'teh nułgheł hnuq'u sometimes yada besiniq' k'a qetnih.
In the evening at dark, sometimes there was a sound like a horned owl.

Janteh ghu hdi yethdi yeghu nich'tudelay ihu htnił'ih yina delggaghq' k'a qetni.
In the daytime then they look there for the chips floating downstream and and there was a sound like a raven cawing.

Nutełgheł hnuyu yada na ghu besiniq' qetnih ch'u,
When it started to get dark, around there would be the sound like a horned owl,

łuq'u dach' ghu q'ahdalyet yedeghu q'ahdinset.
so it was always happening like this and then they figured this out (the impending attack).

Ch'u finally [Ułchena ghuna] elgheji at nuhghunesh. Yada ghuhdi ch'u k'chan ghunhdi yada [qeyeqedudelash] baqank'dnghełyunh t'ehyeł'ish ch'u
and finally [those Alutiiq] were coming in a skin boat. Somehow they had fixed up grass into a kind of drifting clump and

[nch'uk'a taqeslak] qubeł nutuyelash.
and [they were not rowing], they were floating on that.

ch'u finally qeydukaq' nghu k'undet tqeł'an ch'u tahghutneq.
and finally at a stream mouth there hunger struck them and they were tired.

Ghu Ułchenade Huch'ilyut dghu yet łuq'u qahghinik ch'u,
There at 'where we dug up the Alutiiq' there they all landed in the boat and at the mouth of Campbell Creek in Anchorage,

nuhuqulyeshi ghuda [ghu k'eghun t'qeł'an].
in order for them to rest up [there they made war].

Iy gu q'u q'udi gu quqeshqa yilanen yen ghun be'u heyightneq.
Right here the one who was the chief [of the Dena'ina] at the time, they seized his wife.

Ch'u ghu ghu dek'isen ghu ighetneggen ghun,
And the woman that they had captured, that one,

eyu ihu itsiti nuqulyał.
she was searching for lice in her hair.

Beqen ghunhdi yegh nik'dinlu.
Her husband had warned her about it (them).

"Ghu q'anqu.. tl'uh q'anquch'duł'ił eł ch'u daha nih nihtunał yethdi
"They are looking out all over and they will be coming in somewhere and then

tubugh qubeł qubeł ch'tudeł nayna," yeł dghini.
we should go with them onto the beach," he had said to her [at an earlier time].

Ch'u q'uyehdi [tsukandi] nuhuqelyish ch'u ghuhdi [ułchena baydalgi nił'ennaltl'ini at]
And then [in the morning] they were resting and there [the Alutiiq were in baidargis that were tied up together]

ch'u dek'isen ghun yighetneggen ghunhdi nuhenil'ih.
that woman that they had captured, she sees them (the approaching Dena'ina).

Ghun ghun "eyu ihu tsiteh hdngheł'an," yełni.
That one, she says to him "Let me look in (your) the hair for some lice."

Ch'u itsiti nuqulyał ch'u kiq'u nuhnil'an ełti kiq'u beqen ghun. Kiq'u gga'ilchet ch'u
And she was looking through his hair, and she saw them again and then again her husband. Again one, he (the Alutiiq) stood up and

yeł hninaghiłchet. "Yada di?" yełni.
he shoved her between his legs. "What is this?" he says to her.

"N'uh gu eyu shlach'adalyiy, yi shughu," [|uq'u hnihnidatl'].
"Out here those are lice that are dropping from my hands, that is it," [all of them came].

Ghunahdi yet hnuq'u q'u yet łuq'u hnihnidałnen. Ch'u k'elduna nahnaldaq. Nt'i nuł, kisht'a nuł qubighetneq ch'u
So those ones there then killed them all off. And some of them were sleeping. Being so sleepy, sleep had really seized them and

łuq'u yet ghu ki yada heł, heł eł ghu haq'a nink'niłt'eq'. Ch'u nutna ghuna hdi nu ghu nuhtulnek, nuqutułay nuqu... nuhtutdałi yet ghu tqijuq ghe nuhqulnek ni.
All of them there with some kinds of clubs, they clubbed them all to death. And two of them (were saved) to tell about this, ... when they returned, they could tell them about what had happened there.

Nutna nuhtasdatl'.
Two of them started back.

Ch'u Tutl'uh ghu dghelay dghelay łi łites nuhtaydatl'. Ts'iłt'an ghun nt'i chegh qubighetneq ch'u
And at 'rear water' (Turnagain Arm), they went through the pass in the glaciers (at Portage). So one of them was struck by grief and

Nuq.. yet nuqudełi eł ts'iłt'an ghun łi yidulnen.
They were returning there and one of them fell into a glacier crevasse.

Yet q'u ich'ana'ilgguk.
So he (other guy) left him there.

Ch'u dihdi nu'iju.
And he returned over there

Yeghu uqeshqa yilanen ghun yet nu'iju. Yidełqet,
And he went back to his head man there. He asked him questions.

Nt'i qunasu k'a hnunudetnish.
So, he can't talk with grief.

"Dach'u shgguna ghini dach' hyiłket dach' łuq'u tqiluq. Ch'u shi hyan shughu nishqiniłtan ch'u
"In this manner they took my hand and in this way did all of this. And I am the only one they sent away and

Nuhnekdulyeshni ch'u gu dach' shughu hghe nuneshju t'i.
To bring the news and so in this way I have returned to you.

Yeghuda qugh hnek hnudalyuyi ghuda dnaqiluq. Luq'u haq'a qenaghe qi'u," yełni.
Therefore in order to bring the news of what they did to us. Everyone of them was wiped out," he said to him.

Guh hqugh yan ch'u shi k'i tsukdu gini qit'a'ideshni. Jitgga q'u qidaghiłney łuq'u nch'uk'a qit'a'ideshni.
I only know this much of this story. It is a little longer, but I do not know all of it.

Thus They Told Us