Thus They Told Us
Ki\ Ch'qinaghi\nik'en Sutdu'a
The Story of the Stupid Boy
Told by Albert Wassillie
Thus They Told Us

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Sutdu shnughe\ qeynuqelnek.
They would tell stories in my presence.

Htsast'a ki\ ghu qe\ah ch'q'u qevuzha'ina q'u hqe\dih.
Long ago, as the boys were growing up, they would train their nephews.

Tik'teh ve\ nuqude\ qevuzha'ina q'u hqe\dih,
They would go out in the woods with him that they would train him,

t'anch'q'u shtunqeda\ niqe\a. Iy sutdu'a shi. Qeyghu shnuqulnegi. Iy shi gu vek'eyeshchexi.
everything concerning hunting. This is such a story. They told me about this. This is what I wrote about it.

Ve\ qitghelnex.
I will read it.

Ki\ Ch'qinaghi\nik'en Sutdu'a
The Story of the Stupid Boy

Ts'i\t'an qut'ana ts'i\t'an qut'an tutazyu.
One man, one man went out (in the woods).

Ve'u e\a vuzha ku'u qilan.
He had with him his wife and his nephew too.

Yen ki\ gunenhdi ch'qinaghi\nik'.
That boy was inept.

Vez'a gun yeqech' yeqe\dih hq'u nch'u qeldik. Nch'u qeldik.
His uncle would teach him but he would not learn. He could not learn.

[Vez'a gun] a\ nini'un.
[His uncle] he set a deadfall trap.

Nuytelquxch'q'u nuqeynil'ix hq'u nch'u chik'hde\nil.
Every day they would check it, but they did not kill anything.

Kiq'u q'ut'un ki\ gun, "Zhala, a\ ghini nunghel'an ni."
Another morning, that young boy says, "Uncle, let me check that trap."

"Aa'," ye\ni.
"Yes," he says to him.

"Nch'u va k'i\ke\ da nda'ich'q'u tgheshli\?"
"If nothing is trapped in it, what should I do?"

Vez'a gun, "Nt'i a\ chen ghini va tghiche\," ye\ni.
His uncle says to him, "Well, you grab that trap bait."

Ki\ gun yeh tazyu ch'u a\ ghini yegh nu'idyu.
The boy went there and he went back by that deadfall trap.

A\ chen ghini yighetneq ch'u yanichet.
He grabbed that trap bait and he pulled it.

Udiq'u chiqudalyuq.
He killed himself.

Nughi\ghatl'i e\a
It got dark and

nch'u nu'idyul.
he had not returned.

Nch'u nu'idyul. Vach'ala gunen, "Nda e\ dinin din?"
He had not returned. His auntie [said], "What has happened to him?"

Ta\qun idi'e\a yeh nutasdyu.
The next day he went back there.

A\ ghini yegh nu'idyu e\a yet'e ch'andal'ats.
He went back by that trap and some legs were sticking out from under it.

A\ ghini yegh degheydghilu ha ki\ ki\ yighetneq ch'u chench’ yeh ch'eyi\t'eq'.
He took apart the deadfall trap and the boy, he grabbed the boy and tossed him down toward the stream.

"Nch'qinaghi\nik'a shughu chinda\yuggi," ye\ni.
"Your stupidity is what has killed you," he said to him.

Thus They Told Us