Thus They Told Us
Told by Antone Evan
Thus They Told Us

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K'qelqat ghu du k'i nalqeni k'ta'a ghin k'i nalqen ha ench'u hyezhish.
When they eat, that hot soup, they did not drink hot soup.

K'ta'a ghin k'i nazq'a ha qeyeghizhish.
When the soup cooled off, they could eat it.

Nalqeni nalqeni k'ta'a qeyzhish ha ida ch'ggulhtinuldigh.
If they drank hot things, or ate hot soup, they would be poor runners.

Nushełhdułtix ida qeyyich' daghilggech'h ha t'ehtut'ix.
When they ran, it would make them shorten their breath [as their lungs are not developed].

Yeghudahdi ezhi k'ilan ch'yan k'qelqat ha tqut'an, ch'q'ayna nlana htsast'a
For that reason, they would have them eat only cold food,the children of long ago [that way, when they ran, they'd have long wind. Their breathing was stronger and better].

Thus They Told Us