Thus They Told Us
Told by Sava Stephan
Thus They Told Us

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Shi k'a Shqitnu qetnih q'angheshduk shit'i.
I too, to where is called the Skwentna River, I went around in a boat.

Yeh Shqitnu ghu qetnih elgheji at q'ach'dghinik. Gudih q'ach'dghuneshi eł de qałnigi ka'a idu tudnaydlu.
There where is called the Skwentna River we went in a skin boat. Here we were going in the boat and there were these big rocks sitting, there in the water.

Niłghedeh q'u Satalyu Ka'a ch'u,
One above the other 'the ones standing big' [place name for these rocks], and

Bobby gga qadadgheshtnik ch'a, "Nił'uqa shina'a, nił'uqa ghedlana shu biłni at tunghidaq ch'u qałnigi dnay dlan."
I could understand Little Bobby (Stephan, as he spoke), "They are co-wives (women married to one man), they had been co-wives and they fell into the water and they turned into rock people."

Yi yen ggaghtgga gheli dach'qitnghiqan.
There we went just right through them in the boat.

Skwentnu qetnih qach'dghinik ch'u all the way to Susitnu.
We went to Skwentnu (townsite) and all the way to Susitnu.

Four days tach'k'elash, tach'k'elash hnu
While we rowed for four days, we rowed.

Susitnu q'anch'dghinik. Tey q'u ghenuy qeyłnihi tsenghelqet' ch'u
We reached Susitna (Station). Many of what are called 'the ones moving' (caribou) were being moved down land and

ghenuy q'e q'u shqilchun ch'u
on the caribou I smelled this odor and

utsi q'angheshduł ch'u k'a sheł qil!
as I was going back to the lowland it was really terrible for me!

Ch'anik'na eł hnaghesht'an ch'u k'a shtukda ghun, "Wadu ch'a qulggu ch'u hnant'an?" shełni. "No way,
I had been playing with the children and my father said to me, "Why don't you come out and play?" "No way,

nch'uk'a q'an q'an'eshchik."
I can't keep smelling (that caribou)."

Q'u ch'u Susitnu hninch'itdatl'.
So then we returned to Susitna Station.

Ten days Shqitnu qetnih dghili ch'ach'ghinik gheli. Yeqech'u Htal Htal ch'u qetnihidi.
For ten days to where is called Swentna River, we just came by boat from the mountains. From 'wide place,' where is called 'wide place' [Ptarmigan Valley at Rainy Pass].

Htal k'a q'angheshduk shit'i.
I traveled around 'wide place' too.

When I think I was about seven or eight years old I been around.

Thus They Told Us