Thus They Told Us
Nughil Ventnu Nudghi\ent
At the Waterfall on Newhalen River
Told by Gabriel Trefon
Thus They Told Us

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[Nanutset] q'et'q'u qut'ana qeyghudighi\t'a'iy sukdu q'u q'ent'a ha ha it q'uhdi hudulyi e\ qyeghudighi\t'a. Nghu Huta\ iy Qnidenghi'iy.
Before our times long ago they had stories that they can use it seems. They used this as medicine. There is "flat rock that is embedded" (on the lower Newhalen River).

Nghu Huta\ iy Qnidenghi'iy \itl'en ha ha'it ghini yudeq gheli nitnani'u.
There "flat rock that is embedded" in spring time stands up really high.

Q'uyehdi q'u nunudidlix.
Then the current passes by.

K'etnu ghu tayanq' ghelishla hnidenghi'u.
Right in the middle of the river (Newhalen River) it is embedded.

Venutnu'ididlix ha ha'it q'uyehdi venutnuk'ididlih.
The current flows past it and then fish swim around it.

Venutnuk'ididlih a ha ha'it ch'q'uhdi
The fish swim around it and

n'uyi ghini vayi'ux ha ha'it ghu
the sun shines against it and

“Shnushutnu\’u\." nih.
"The sun passes all around me,” it (the rock) says.

"Yada nunujehi qilan ha ha'it ch'q'uyehdi shq' dunuk'enjeh ha' q'uda chi'ul shk'tnit'an,"
The various birds land on me and use me for recreation,"

Dach' hdi qey\ dghinih.
That’s how they would say.

"Shnutnu'ididlix q'u ghudahdi tushdenghazhq'uch'," dghinih.
"The current wraps around me and that is how the water shapes me," it (rock) said.

"Tushdenghazhq'uch' q'uyehdi shnutnuk'ididlih.
"I have been shaped by the water and then they (fish) swim past me.

They (fish) repeatedly have swum past me.

Shch'enaqa sheghkuh niqatatnu\des.
My children (as little rocks) roll ashore downstream from me.

Nch'u shk'dghalgget.
I am inaccessible.

Shnushutnu\t'u\. Shnenqi\t'a.
The sun passes all around me. They depend on me.

Chi'ul shk'tnit'an."
They use me for recreation."

Dach' qey\ dghinihi. Hudulyi qighet'an nanutset q'u q'et'q'u.
That is what they used to say. That was the medicine they had long ago before our time.

Yi shughu q'udi guhdi nak'uch' qenadelgheshna naguna qit'ach'idunih hyitni ghudahdi q'udi guhdi qughesht'a nuqghelnek.
Now the ones who talk differently from us (white people) want to know about our people, and therefore I have told this carefully now.

Galeq teh duqeytiduli\.
They will put it in a book.




Shenghunu k'ididlah.


Chi'ul hyu shek'tnit'an.


Shch'enaqa sheghkuh niqatatnułdił.
I am embedded in the ground.

The current wraps around me.

I have been shaped by the water.

Fish swim past my point.

The sun passes all the way around me.

They use me for recreation.

The fish swim around me.

My children drift ashore downstream from me.

Newhalen Gorge
Thus They Told Us