Thus They Told Us
Ggugguyni Sukdu
Raven Story
Told by Mary Oskolkoff
Thus They Told Us

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Ghuch'idiyiq' łuq'u ggugguyni da łu.
All the tall tales are with that Raven also.

Łuq'u hghe duniyu ch'u łu łuq'u. "Haa, henukda, yadi henuk didi? Łuq'a.
He came inside to all of them, all of them. "Hey, what bum work, what work is this? Salmon.

Ch'adu hu yeh? Ndahduh łuq'a dit?
What is this for there? Where are the salmon?

Ighi a k'etnu ghu ch'ahninł'ut ch'u łuq'a ghin łuq'u sendilya yi egh gheshtnu shit'i" ni łu.
At the stream flowing out there the salmon are brought down to shore, I am working on them," he says.

Idi'eł qeyeł tazdatl' da lagu. Ch'u łuq'a łu. Come from ben ch'anidatl'i shu.
And they went with him. And the salmon came out from the lake it seems.

Ay yet ch'u ndi qeył hnul'an ch'u q'uda kiq'u łu heghe nu'iju.
So they saw this, and now then he came to them again.

Ts'iłt'an k'isen ggwa yi miłni tnun q'u shu,
One young girl was drinking water just then,

k'ggats'a qeyłnihi yadi di tree ghini yi yeł talch'aq' łu ch'u,
what they call roots of a tree, she swallowed that with the water then,

yet shughu ch'u bechutl'a qizdlan ch'u begguya qizdlan.
and there she got pregnant and she had a baby.

Ghuch'idi sukdu shi bay'idini ighi.
This is a tall tale, you know about it.

T'iłqit' ch'u ghu nuhqighunesh ch'u ts'ełt'an quht'ana ghunhdi łu,
It got slippery and it (baby) is crawling around, and one man there,

"Biqi ch'el'ih nih," qetnih ighi, daylight. Yadi iq' idi di? Nuqeyghunesh ch'u
"We are going for it," they say, for the daylight. What could that be like? He is crawling around and

"Biqi ch'ul'ay, biqi ch'ulay," łu yuqu delgguh.
"Let us have it! Let us have it!" he is cawing for it.

Yi yinch'en ch'u belaq'a yedełggat. Qeyel'ahi ndat ka'a beqen ga q'u łu.
So across the way he gave it to him (the daylight). Some kind of big news, it seems (?).

Gguguyni nusdlan. Hnihdnalnen łu.
It turned into raven, and he flew off, they say.

Yeh ghu nutnulnił, ch'u dich'ak'niłqet' ch'u shu jan qilan łu t'qijuq.
He is flying around, and he opened the door, and so it happened, there is daylight.

Ch'u tl'aq' qilan k'u ch'ijuq, aa. Beghuch'idi sukdu sheł nuqulnek.
And so it also happened, that we have night, yeah. That is a tall tale that they told me.

Yaqech' nuhqulnisht.
That is how they told it.

Thus They Told Us