Thus They Told Us
Tuq'is Uqu Ch'el'ani
Hunting Sea Otters
Told by Vera Roehl
Thus They Told Us

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Hcheyakda'ina k'uqu qul'ih nuti'at vaqilin ada.
Your grandfathers used to hunt on the ocean in canoes.

Tuq'is uqu qul'ih.
They hunted sea otters.

Qeyeł ses tqughel'ani.
They would gather skins.

Yi shughu qeyeł ses tqughel'ani.
Thus They would gather skins.

Qeyeł dingi t'eghił'ani.
They would use these to make money.

Q'udi vaqilin tus qelash tustes.
Now they would carry the canoes through the portage (Iliamna Portage to Cook Inlet).

Q'uyihdi hvadalts'i.
Then they would stay in (the canoes).

Nuti'at hdi nik'uqedeł
They would go out to sea

K'eskaq' qech'a
to '? mouth' [Port Graham]

q'uyet qekhdi Ggikdah qech' kiq'u nik'uqedeł.
then they would also go out as far as Kodiak.

Tuq'is uqu qel'an.
They hunted sea otters.

Vaqilin ada tuna va dalts'ih.
In the canoes three men would sit.

Nił'unhk'qezdlu ha nik'uqedeł.
They would go out (to sea, with boats) tied together.

Estl'eni hdi izin qul'an.
They used toggle spears and guns.

Yi eł hdi qeyeł k'uqul'ani.
They would hunt with those.

Q'udi tuq'is ghinidi qeyniqatl'ił'iłk'et' ha
Now they would surround those sea otters in a group and

q'uyehdi chiqeyedeł'ish.
and they would kill them.

Q'uyehdi qutagh'a ghinihdi nik'uqeyełdeł,
And then they would raise up their paddles,

as they were happy.

En'ushi tuq'is ghini k'isi ghin eł da q'uyehdi nił niłqidastnit.
Those male sea otters with those females they would make love.

Q'uyehdi k'uqu qul'anh ghit'ih niqanahtasdatl'.
So then they had finished hunting and they would return to shore.

They came back ashore.

Qeve'uqa ghe nuqitdatl'.
They came back to their wives.

Q'uyehdi k'uqu qul'an ghu qegh nuhquInek.
Then they would tell their wives about the hunt.

En'ushi tuq'is ghini k'isi eł ghu niłqidastnit ghu qegh nuhqulnek.
They would tell how those male otters would make love with those females.

Q'udi tsegha yeqults'et.
Then they (their wives) would fight with them.

Q'uyehdi duhqidiłch'an.
Thus they had made them jealous.

Thus They Told Us