Thus They Told Us
K'qizaghetnu Ht'ana
Lime Village Territory
Told by Pete Bobby
Thus They Told Us

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K'qizaghetnu qeł hdghinih.
At the place they call the K'qizaghetnu.

Natutda'ina nguna shish shish q'atnahghilu Qeghnilen qeł hdghinih.
Our fathers, the local people brought us up, and me, at the place they call the 'current flows through.'

T'anch'u ghu k'iqu qul'ihch'. Ch'uyehdi Huch'altnu qeł qetnih qech'hdi shtunuqudedił.
They would get everything there. And there at where they call 'flows out river,' they would hunt in that direction.

Heyteh ghuhdi Ts'ixtsatnu Hnudyi Yehtnu qetni hqeła k'iqu qul'ih.
In the winter they would hunt at the areas such as 'mosquito rock river' [Little Underhill Creek] or 'sheep there stream' [tributary of Little Underhill Creek].

Naqeliteh ghu łiq'a iqu qel'ih ghu,
In the fall time they would gather fish there,

Vendash Vena nihdi Nizdlu Vena nihdi Hek'dichen Vena nihdi,
at 'lake shoal lake' [Tundra Lake], etc.; 'islands lake' [North Lime Lake], etc.; or 'Qek'dichen lake' [Trout Lake],

heyiqu łiq'a iqu ghel'ih.
they would gather fish.

Dzełken nihdi Huch'altnu nihdi qunsha iqu tunuhtutdił naqeliteh.
At 'base moutains' [The Alaska Range], etc., at 'flows out stream' [Swift River], etc., they would ascend for ground squirrels in the fall.

Shanteh gheli ghuhdi Qeghenilen k'ehdzelghaxch' yet.
In the real summer there at 'current flows through' [Canyon Village], they would put up fish.

Yada nih ghu svinits iqu t'ehghił'an ghuhdi yut'eh Kenaniq' qeł qetnih yeh nihqeł nuhghunex ch'u,
What ever they need to get, such as bullets, there to downstream at the place called 'timber stream' [Kuskokwim River], and that area, they would go by boat and,

k'iqu qul'an ghuhdi ggagga nihdi yeghedishla nihdi,
when they hunted for brown bear or black bear etc.,

tets' eł yan t'qeyeghił'an, ts'ełten eł.
they used only a spear or a bow and arrow.

Natutda'ina guna.
Our fathers, the local people.

Well q'u shich'a I guess.
Well, that's all I guess.

Thus They Told Us